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Late period but negative test

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Jemma7 Mon 07-Apr-03 10:36:17

Have been trying for a baby for about 4 months - periods always regular - now 5 days late, 4 tests later and still negative results! Any suggestions anyone?

cloudexplosion Sat 04-Nov-06 08:01:25

Message withdrawn

ELB66 Sat 04-Nov-06 09:43:33

CLOUDEXPLOSION - Fingers crossed for next month!

Went back to doctors last night. He thinks that as I've done 5 negative tasts now it's highly unlikely to be pregnancy. I have an appointment to go back for further 'hormone' tasts on the 13th if still no period. He's told me to go back tho if I get any odd pains in the meantime (like on one side as I had last week).

Anyone any idea what these hormone tests are and more importantly how long the results take to come through???

babybensmum Sun 05-Nov-06 13:35:41

Hi girls, sorry Cloudexplosion to hear you got your AF, hope next month brings better news. ELB, I had some tests done about six months before I finally got pregnant, they were to ensure I was ovulating and that I wasn't going through early menopause (had hot flushes and long cycles etc). Then ended up having an abdominal scan as well, and they found I had slightly polycystic ovaries, although didn't have PCOS. Sorry tho cannot remember for the life of me how long they took to get results, but dont remember agonising over waiting so maybe not long. I have a friend (due to give birth in 10 days) who had a couple of 65 day cycles, but she got pregnant within 5 months of trying. Hope you get some good news soon. Good luck.

ELB66 Mon 06-Nov-06 17:16:04


My AF has also arrived today - boo! At least I know now tho. So, plan is to try'n chill about it more in future and just enjoy the trying!

I'm no longer going to be consumed by the whole TTC thing. What will be will be an' all that malarky. Hopefully all us hopefuls will be blessed soon.

lisalin3 Fri 10-Nov-06 20:35:47

just joined this site after reading there are alot of people in the same situation as me.
I am on day 36 of my cycle taken loads of hpts and a blood test, all Negative. Was ttc last month so was hoping it had worked i am now very confused! I have 3 boys and tested positive with all three the day before period due.but this time i am baffled! The only symptoms i have are mild cramping in my back which has been happening on and off for the last two weeks.
Anybody out there who could shed any light on this for me. cheers.

lisalin3 Sat 11-Nov-06 20:33:40

There is no need to reply to my question, The big event has happened (at last), i can't believe it's taken this long, but at least i know now and can relax about it.I shall keep my fingers crossed for next month.Bye for now.

DippyMummy Mon 20-Nov-06 22:01:53

Hello, I'm new to mumsnet, and currently 17 days late.... Have one DS and not trying for more - in fact being careful to avoid pregnancy. Have done pg test from the chemist (negative), and my GP sent off a sample - also negative. Phew. But I've always been very regular. So why am I now 17 days late? Am seeing the GP again but not for a week. Meanwhile, I'm worrying. What else can cause such a long cycle? (Please don't say the tests might be wrong?!)

DippyMummy Mon 20-Nov-06 23:27:56

Shortly after writing that last message, a weird thing happened.... My period started!

EMZIB Sun 30-Dec-07 15:37:29

Hi. I've not been on here for a while. I have endometriosis and have been TTC for 18 months. I've had 6 50mg cycles of clomid and am now a few days late for my AF. Since taking clomid, my cycles have ranged from 27-32 days. I'm now on day 35! I did a -PG test yesterday afternoon - boo, but am rather anxious as I just don't feel right. Usually when my AF is due my boobs are sore but not this month. Have also been really cranky beyond beleif for the last 2 weeks...oh and had slight brown blood mid month...implantation?

I have had lower back ache and the usual, 'period's around the corner' feeling but it's not arrived. I know the obvious thing to do is wait a few days and test again, but I just wondered if any of you had experienced similair? Thanks

EMZIB Wed 05-Nov-08 20:55:26


Been a while again. Since last message posted I've had 2 gos at IUI and I became pregnant after 2nd attempt. Sadly I miscarried at 7 weeks just 2 weeks ago (whilst on holiday) sad

I'm still pretty gutted to be honest despite being back at work and trying to just 'get on with things'. We have 1 more go at IUI on the NHS then have the option of moving straight to IVF (been on the waiting list for this due to my gynae history).

Just wondered if any of you have any inspiring stories to pick up my rather mood. It's hard being a woman eh?

biscuitnoodles Wed 24-Dec-08 20:40:27

Hello, im new here. Emzib really sorry to read about your bad news, I hope you are okay.

im 5 days late, taken a 1st response test today on day 5 and is negative. had period like cramps on and off and nausea. Boobs hurt but nothing major. Could i be pregnant or possibly driving myself crazy by overeacting?!

any advice please? the waiting is agonising!


suelee Fri 02-Jan-09 01:46:04


I am new to the sight and I would just like to say it is very insightfull. I am 8 days late now and I took a pregnancy test last week (negative) and my GP also said it was negative yesterday. I have never been this late, my breats are big and sore but that is it. The last time I was prenant I went off tea, and a few other things that I enjoy but this has not happened this time round? how long should I wait to take another?

suelee Fri 02-Jan-09 01:47:20


I am new to the site and I would just like to say it is very insightfull. I am 8 days late now and I took a pregnancy test last week (negative) and my GP also said it was negative yesterday. I have never been this late, my breats are big and sore but that is it. The last time I was prenant I went off tea, and a few other things that I enjoy but this has not happened this time round? how long should I wait to take another?

BeckyBendyLegs Fri 02-Jan-09 12:13:17

This happened to me last month. I was 12 days late in the end after 5 negative tests and had just rung the doctors to go see them when my period finally showed up! It's soooo frustrating. I am never, ever late but last month was awful and it was coming up to Chrimbo too so I didn't drink any alcohol until I started bleeding. Our bodies are playing mean tricks on us... Good luck to anyone in the same situation and I hope you are pg rather than just late!

ac68 Mon 06-Apr-09 18:50:28

hi, i have a problem that is really worrying me, i am 9 days late, done 3 hpt (all negative),i have 2 kids and allways had regular period, and when i was a day late i knew it i was pregnant, took the test and positive with both of them from day one, this time i don't feel pregnant , and even if my 3 hpt showed negative still no period , but i have lot of period pain and a white (not smelly( discharge. that is all i can say except that i am worry about this. please can you give me any advice.thank you

SUSIE82 Mon 18-Oct-10 16:35:55

Wanted some advice on if and when to try another pregnancy test. The start of my last period was 42 days ago and that is when I came off the pill. I did a test last week which came up negative and im wondering when to try again?
I keep thinking that im feeling slightly odd, bit dizzy at times but not sure if im just trying to talk my self into thinking that I am pregnant.
What do you think??

bally2 Mon 18-Oct-10 19:27:32

im in the same boat susie..Period is now 15 days late. ive done about 20 tests (literally testing every day!). im driving myself mad here but ater reading this thread, i doubt im pregnant..everyone elses just seemed to show up randomly. are you going to go to GP? was thinking of going if it hasnt come by time next period is due (2nd nov)...

neurotic88 Wed 12-Jan-11 12:46:16

Hello everyone, so reassuring others are going through the same symptom. My cycle is anything between 28 to 34 days. I am now on the 35 day of my cycle this month, its the first time that my partner and I are trying for a baby. Test results were negative so I have arranged an appointment to see the Doctor tomorrow (who I am sure thinks I am a hypochrondiac anyway!) dont know whether I should cancel my appointment and just be patient and wait another week. Any advice? My GP is very nice but I do go to see him about a lot of trivial things I am wary that this will be another and when I do finally fall pregnant he wont take me seriously.

I have been having symptoms (tender boobs, sore lower abdominal muscle, hungry, tired) but they are on and off (which I am not sure is that common in pregnancy) and to be honest I cant really tell the difference between what is described as a pregnancy symptom and what is a normal premenstual symptom... any suggestions?

If someone has experienced similar symptoms?

BooBooGlass Wed 12-Jan-11 12:47:28

Just wait a week, don't waste your GPs time.

ShowOfHands Wed 12-Jan-11 12:48:53

What is it you want to see the GP for?

hbmpsmum Tue 01-Mar-11 19:09:11

Hi there,
It's been really interesting reading all the comments on this subject. I usually have shortish cycles but had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in september and since then the pattern was initially exactly 28 days from miscarriage to period, then 34 days, 26 days, 34 days and now I'm on day 40 and no sign of a period. Did a test on day 37 - negative. I had four straightforward pregnancies when I was younger and the test usually showed up pretty quickly - also I don't have sore boobs, which were very evident in the one that ended in miscarriage. I just hate this guessing game. My partner and I have been trying for two years now but here's the crunch - we're both 47 - my dread is that this late period is the start of the dreaded menopause - and that would be the end to our hopes once and for all. (tho in my family it usually comes late) Not really looking for any answers just cathartic to write all this down.

bekiboo53 Wed 18-May-11 13:41:31

hey, im a week late and have done a test today and a test 3 days ago but both negative, any chance im pregnant???

HerIndoors31 Sun 22-May-11 12:54:08


I had a copper coil in until Monday, was due on on tuesday, and am now 6 days late. I've tested neg twice on day 2 and 3, no sign of aunt flo at all, confused!! Has anyone else had this?


CWest30 Sun 29-Jan-12 08:48:48

OMG, this is like reading the story of my life right now lol. Have been TTC for 3 mths, already have a 4 year old son. First time round was easy as anything, came off the Pill, had my "fake" bleed, a normal period a month later, then fell pregnant.
This time around, I came off the Pill, and again had my "fake" bleed. The next period was 3 days late, then I came on a day earlier than normal (New Yrs Eve). I'm now on day 30 of this cycle. Have cramping down one side, no period as of yet, very emotional, but getting negative results. Its driving me absolutly insane coz I def feel different, but the tests are just crushing my hopes every time. Suppose I will just have to test again in a few days, and will try a Boots one this time. Good luck to all in the same boat, its horrible :-( will keep you all posted x

cupcakequeen9 Thu 23-Feb-12 17:21:12

Have you had any answers yet?! I haven't had a period for ages since coming off mirena coil, think my last period was before Christmas, still neg tests. I know I have a cyst on one ovary does anyone know if this could affect results? Says on Clearblue box that it can but I didn't know in what way? Had pains, in back and 'tummy area', really tired, nausea, headaches. I have a daughter already and that time the first test I took went + straight away and I was only a week or so late. Anyone have any answers???

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