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Is it possible to be still pregnant after a period?

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lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 19:46:47

Hello I thought I might be pregnant last week, then I bled and thought it was an implantation bleed then I thought I was having a m/c as it was 5 days before my period was due and I was bleeding. I really thought I was pregnant because my boobs wer so sore and sensitive which they never are normally around periods, I was weeing every minute too and I felt more tired. Which I know can be signs of periods too.
It is now six days and I still have small shows of blood. I am constipated and feel queasy.

Could I be pregnant, even after bleeding days? Maybe it was not a period or a m/c maybe it was a long implantation bleed??? Is this possible or am I just driving myself mad?

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 19:48:49

Do a test, then you will know!

ggglimpopo Tue 12-Apr-05 20:01:39

Message withdrawn

lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 20:19:42

God I dont know how many tests I have done in the last year!!!

They are so expensive, I dont have any cheap shops around that sell budget tests. I am so skint at the moment that I actually do not have a spare £5.

If it was a m/c you can still test positive for a week after or so I heard - is that true?

NannyJo Tue 12-Apr-05 20:21:37

friend of mine bleed monthle for 5 months berore she found out she was pregnant

lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 20:29:57

I really thought I was pregnant, the amount of weeing I was doing was ridiculous and my boobs were so sore, saying that they were not tender throughout the whole of my first pregnancy. Now I have been bleeding six days, heavy at first with blood clots and now very light here and there. I feel sick but not weeing as much as I was and I am so hungry all the time which again I was not in my 1st pregnancy but I know pregnancies can be totally different.

If I have some money next week I will buy a test. It is encouraging to know that it can still be possible.

munz Tue 12-Apr-05 20:34:08

I can send u one of my spare tests if u like?

lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 20:36:29

Would you? That is very kind of you.

I feel like a sponger now

munz Tue 12-Apr-05 20:42:32

ah don't be daft I got a deal on ebay, now then the question is do u want the pee on the test or the pee in a pot and feel like a mad scientist case?

kid Tue 12-Apr-05 20:45:34

Couldn't you go to the Dr's or family planning clinic and get a test done for free?

lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 20:46:58

i am happy take whatever is on offer, pregnancy tests on ebay?

somebody sold you their own stash of tests?

kid Tue 12-Apr-05 20:48:11

people can buy all sort of things cheap and what better way of doubling your money than Ebay!

munz Tue 12-Apr-05 20:49:25

ooh yes it's a web shop thingy, i'll find a link for u, CAT me you're address and i'll send it over, the DR of course would do a test for u, or apparently (according to my friends DR the chemist does it as well, althou i'd rather not walk into a chemist with my little pot personally!)

lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 20:51:05

yes - i could go to the gp, i might just do that tomorrow, but if i tell the go what i told you they will probably say that i am not and to wait and see...

plus i dont want to use an app up especially if i am not, do you have to actually go in and see the go to get a test or do they send you into a room alone to do it?

lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 20:52:37

Chemist - I would prefer to do that then maybe waster gp's valuable time, do they just give you a ot then?

I'll ask on here?

munz Tue 12-Apr-05 20:54:10

I'm assuming they have an apt with u, well I did when I went to the family planning clinic, I'll send a test tomorrow so u can have it for thursday, (if u can wait that long! ) I know this TTC lark is a pain in the butt, all I ask is if u r pg u shower me in baby dust!

lovecloud Tue 12-Apr-05 20:59:04

ok - thanks i'll contact you now

thanks and i promise to send you lots of baby dust anyway and a little prayer to Mary who helped my sil give birth to two beautiful boys after being told she would most probably never conceive...


munz Tue 12-Apr-05 21:00:19

ooh thank you, i'm hoping that beltaine will help as well cos i'll be testing then!

munz Tue 12-Apr-05 21:04:37

PG tests v cheap

(i've got a stock of them building up now! I don't mind spending out and wasting cheap ones if they're BFN's.)

kid Wed 13-Apr-05 14:35:48

As far as I know, you can send in a sample for the Dr to test and call back at the end of the day to get the result. That way, you don't need to use up a Dr Appt and still get a free test!

Worriedbev Wed 13-Apr-05 15:24:31

Hi I feel the same.

I had a period just like a normal period, but still dont feel well. My stomach is so blown out, it would be day 6 now of cycle, clothes are so tight I can hardly move in my trousers today and tummy hurts like sharp pains shooting through. I feel so tired and have had a headache for 3 days. Surely you cant still have a normal period and be pg can you? I am referring to people in general here, not just me. Seriously, is it known to happen because I feel like I could be, my eyes feel so heavy and I just feel generally blown out. Any advice please?


munz Wed 13-Apr-05 17:29:12

wb - have u tested just to see

lovecloud Wed 13-Apr-05 18:56:16


I didnt mention that with my first dd I did not realise I was pregnant until about 7 weeks as I had a period but which was lighter than normal but did not think anything of it and it was only when my next period did not turn up did I check and then found out, I made a docs app who confirmed I was 8 weeks when she done an internal - yuck!

So I know it can happen but this time my period was heavier... so it would be interesting to hear from anyone who was pregnant and still had a heavy period in the early stages.

I will find out tomorrow when I get the test off generous munz. I am so hungry all the time, if I am not then I wonder what has brought in this incredible hunger.

Worriedbev - I hope you get the result you want. Every month i think im pregnant and end up feeling silly. My partner and I do not go all the way anyway but he is slow with the withdrawl method, we are supposed to really go for it and try in the summer.

lovecloud Wed 13-Apr-05 22:41:48


munz Thu 14-Apr-05 08:51:13

did u get the test? have u done it yet??

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