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TTC #4 - the noisy slightly unhinged section!

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Katonahottinroof Wed 11-Feb-09 21:11:03

Guys we need a new group! Wouldn't let me post in old one.

MrsDis I recognise him but can't for the life of me think of his name.

Someone spill!

HeinzSight Wed 11-Feb-09 21:12:20

Well done Kat for starting new thread!! Nice to see you over on fb grin

Katonahottinroof Wed 11-Feb-09 21:15:01

You too, I love other people's photos! Gonna have a good nose now at everyone's gorgeous babes!

mrsdisorganised Wed 11-Feb-09 21:41:33

Ha! Found spilling Kat I'm anonymous on here and fully intend to stay that way...too many lurkers IYKWIM!!!! You'll figure it out eventually smile

Nice new thread though....

Katonahottinroof Wed 11-Feb-09 21:47:56

Not spilling, I know now, pretty sure, it came to me in a childhood flashback! :p

Your children are GORGE!!!

HeinzSight Wed 11-Feb-09 22:11:48

oh bum, am really stressed out, I've sent a text to the wrong person adn it's been misinterpreted, really don't need this stress at the mo, got enough on sad

mrsdisorganised Wed 11-Feb-09 22:33:41

What a nightmare Heinz...I've done that, but it was relatively easy to sort, hope you're ok x

Katonahottinroof Thu 12-Feb-09 00:06:28

Oh No Heinz! I've done that before when slightly tipsy - took a bit of squirming and over explaining to sort out
I'm forever having ground swallowing me up moments actually. I could write a book on backtracking LOL

mrsdisorganised Thu 12-Feb-09 00:11:26

Know the feeling well Kat!grin

HeinzSight Thu 12-Feb-09 09:54:17

Was really quite innocent but has been misinterpreted all the same, this person seems to make a habit of doing that! x

mrsdisorganised Thu 12-Feb-09 09:59:34

Morning all!

Glad it was innocent Heinz...still a pain though! How are you today?
Hi Kat!
Nice to have some new friends on fbsmile!
Nothing new here except complete chaos as dc's are off school, which I love but probably won't get away with being on here very long grin!

Aaaaahhh escaping guinea pigs, the fun begins!!
Have a good day all

rainbowdays Thu 12-Feb-09 11:17:06

Good morning all,

Hey I have missed out on some FB fun here. I don't DO fb, but I do have a fb page, if I can find it hmm !! lol. But now I am curious over MrsD-dad, will have to find a way to friend you all!

Heinz - texts can be awkward blighters sometimes, hope you got it sorted

Kat - hope you get good results on the blood tests today, will you find out today?

rainbowdays Thu 12-Feb-09 11:36:11

Kat and Scorpio - have fb'd you both, will you be my friend!!!!!

bitchyfanny Thu 12-Feb-09 11:37:21

hello, whats fb?

Twiglettini Thu 12-Feb-09 12:14:17

Oh no, am WAY too old for FB (facebook, bitchyfanny) but really want to know who mrsD's dad is.

Well done for new thread, Kat, let's hope for more bfps before the end of this thread. Am feeling really ok about my mc now, think it was so much easier at 6 weeks, than at 11 weeks as my previous ones have been. Am also feeling quite positive that I will get preg again, even though it is SO unlikely this cycle.

Good luck with your blood test today, Kat, let us know the results.

Hope all the rest of you having good days.
Twig x

mrsdisorganised Thu 12-Feb-09 12:18:07

What rubbish Twig...'too old for facebook'!!!
I use it to catch up with friends and chat in the evenings as I can get lonely (bring out the violins!!lol).
Yes a positive new thread is what this is!!![grin

Twiglettini Thu 12-Feb-09 12:22:38

Having found mn, it is taking up any spare time i have how do you find the time to do that and fb (oh, yes, and look after your FOUR children as well)!!!

rainbowdays Thu 12-Feb-09 12:32:24

MrsD - you must be super-organsied rather than disorganised to get the four sprogletts to bed to have time in the evenings! I manage to get my three down to sleep easily enough but then the housework sits yelling at me!

Twigs - I am too old for fb too, but bowed to pressure to at least sign up by my older friends!!! grin

Who are you bitchyfanny? have we met before?

mrsdisorganised Thu 12-Feb-09 12:40:44

Winter and bedtime is easy...dd4 goes at 6pm and the rest go at 7:30pm, summer however is a bit harder and by the holidays I give upgrin, I have to have a couple of hours to myself as Dh is away and I don't leave the dc's with anyone unless I have to (sis says it's a bad habit!) I get up really early and finish what I haven't got round to in the evenings....

babyblue3 Thu 12-Feb-09 12:46:33

Good Morning!

Hey... I dont want to miss out on all the facebook fun! Im Marianne Ferrari... look me up! I will try to add the 2 of you who provided your names... please pass me on to the others xxx

babyblue3 Thu 12-Feb-09 12:55:48

Ok.. Scorpio... found you... Kat.. too many of you!! LOL... I'm on the Toronto,Ont network (in case there are more of me too )

Both my DDs are now sick... although the little one is getting better.

Diege - I seem to have bloomed right from the start! LOL... I am currently almost 17 weeks, but size wise, am the same size as I was with DD2 at 24 weeks! Sigh... I'm gonna be HUGE by the time July rolls around!!!! hmm.

Katonahottinroof Thu 12-Feb-09 13:01:45

Hiya gang.
Well totally messed up my bloody presentation at uni this morning LOL. My poster came out really well though so I'll hopefully pick up quite a few marks for that. My head isn't in 'the zone' . Never mind, onwards and upwards! I'm off now for absolutely ages so can sit and do my dissertation whilst watching daytime TV in the comfort of my home and don't have to do the 60 mile drive everyday! Bliss!

Went for my 2nd lot of bloods, should hear tonight or tomorrow morning, had to sit in antenatal with a load of preggers people so got all broody again remembering how exciting scans are....

Snowing like crazy today up here. Pleased I don't have to go anywhere much now! Kids off next week on half term so that'll be fun and games


Katonahottinroof Thu 12-Feb-09 13:03:03

Oh and Babyblue, Marianne is one of my fave names at the moment - I just LOVE it! xx

rainbowdays Thu 12-Feb-09 15:14:25

Arrgg ds2 has just attacked the computer mouse and now the left hand button no longer works, it is not fun trying to navigate without it. lol.

Kat - whoops about your presentation this morning, but can fully understand not being in the zone at the moment. Great not to have to do all the driving for a bit.

OK folks, i have confused myself, I have invited 6 people to be friends with me on fb, but I realise now that I am not sure who the last two are who have not responded to my invite !!!! hmm will have to see if I can work it out some way. But I suppose if they don't let me be a friend, I won't have to work it out anyway lol! I am a bear with little brain, and fb confuses me. grin

babyblue3 Thu 12-Feb-09 15:38:08

blush thanks Kat I like my name too... hehe... not too common... the only drawback: NO ONE can spell it right! LOL

Sorry your presentation did not go well. Enjoy having your kids home with you for the next little while. Our midwinter break is in March, and I am already planning a load of things to prevent the onset of the dreaded 'cabin fever'!!

Thanks to all my new 'friends' on FB... cant wait to have a look at your pics (not in a stalkerish way of course). Really busy at work today, since I am playing catch up from all the time I missed this week being home with sick kids

Just taking a quick sanity break and checking in with everyone here!

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