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Would an OPK show positive if you were pregnant - possibly sensitive, as not TTC

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LaMer Tue 10-Feb-09 17:31:22

Have had two condom breaks this month, one ten days ago and one a week ago. Decided not to take the MAP. Did a couple of OPK's and agreed that if I got a positive then we would discuss the MAP or coil, but I didn't get a positive.

Very crampy today and have a positive OPK.

I suppose I want reassurance that this is actually ovulation and not early pregnancy. But I remember reading that + OPK detects HCG as well??

Obviously pregnancy would not be devastating or it would have been the MAP without question but I feel so confused.

SalBySea Tue 10-Feb-09 17:35:34

I had a few days in a row of +ive OPKs after conceiving. (Thought they were duds and swore off non digital tests - duh!)

I think if they stay +ive for more than a day or two it can be an early indicator of pregnancy (but not sure?????)

LaMer Tue 10-Feb-09 17:53:22

Thanks Sal.

Would I get a + HPT this early? I feel like I just need to know. I know it is very unlikely though.

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