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Ok, please humour me. Being pregnant before periods return when bf?

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OhBolleaux Tue 10-Feb-09 09:02:54

I am worried I could be pregnant and just need to get it out here. I am still bf my 9 month old and haven't had a period since she was born. DUe to some horrible circumstances dp and I have only dtd once since he was born, and it was 2 weeks ago (I know, what a thrilling sex life I do lead blush) But this morning I feel achey like a period and sick. I am telling myeslf that it's probably just my period returning but I am petrified I could be pregnant. I am not on the pill but we did use a condom but it may have slipped off blush How on earth will I know if I don't have a period to miss?? I am going to get a HPT today to make sure but should I wait a few days or is 2 weeks long enough to get a +?

LittleMissBliss Tue 10-Feb-09 09:06:48

You wont know untill you take the test, it is possible to get pregnant without a period as you may still be ovulating. Hope you get the result you are hoping

LittleMissBliss Tue 10-Feb-09 09:07:33

I would take one today and if its a neg thry again in a week to be sure.

OhBolleaux Tue 10-Feb-09 09:11:41

Can I ask a really stupid question? Do you still ovulate then even if you don't have a period? Or if you did get pg would it just be that you were 2 weeks away from a period anyway?

Wisknit Tue 10-Feb-09 09:16:24

Do a test now and in a week or so if it is negative. I ex bf ds1 and got pregnant without a period in between when he was about 8-9 months.
I also ex bf ds2 and managed to get pregnant again without a period.
On the plus side it's nearly 4 years since my last period and if I take as long to ovulate with dc3 (due any day) as I did with ds2 I could go 5 years grin. So not all bad.

Wisknit Tue 10-Feb-09 09:18:03

You ovulate first, then unfertilised egg is disposed of. Of course if you get pregnant on that first ovulation = no period.

MrsMattie Tue 10-Feb-09 09:22:38

You'll have to test to know for sure.

It certainly is possible that you are pregnant (don't know how you'd feel about that). A good friend conceived her second child while still bf-ing her first (no periods, first baby was 6 mths old!) and her third child when second was still a bf-ed 10 mth old (again, no periods).

OhBolleaux Tue 10-Feb-09 23:13:07

Thanks fro all your help. I tested and was negative but I still don't feel right. I feel kind of strange down below, I can't really describe it, definately achey but uncomfortable in fanjo area too. I haven't been checked out since the birth so I may make an appointment just to check everythings ok

Wisknit Wed 11-Feb-09 09:45:42

get checked out. I had a pelvic infection that I only found out about when pregnant with DS2. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to show up though. I did a test with dc3 cos I thought I might be pg and it was -ve then did one a week later and +ve. Might just be a period coming on though.

NorktasticNinja Wed 11-Feb-09 09:47:53

Do test again in a few days or a week just to be sure.

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