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What is the most effective way of predicting ovulation?

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Gateau Tue 10-Feb-09 08:30:22

Charting temperatures, OPKs.. It's a minefield to me!
And where can I get them that won't cost me a fortune?

Gateau Tue 10-Feb-09 09:01:27


bubblebell1 Tue 10-Feb-09 10:03:30

hi gateau, i get mine on ebay. from a seller called babymad. they are quite reasonable.. 25 opks for £4. i use them because i have long irregular cycles. if you have regular cycles then perhaps investing in a clearblue 1 would be easier. apparantly its easier to read the result. i also use fertility friend to chart my temp. first month is free then its something like a fiver each month after.

temping can tell you if you have ovulated. opks tell you that you have had a surge. using both together while watching your ewcm should help...

hth xxx

Gateau Tue 10-Feb-09 10:51:41

Thanks bubblebell; that does help. No signs of AF yet, but I'm not that hopeful TBH.

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