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Is it possible to sence you are pregnant a few hours after having sex ??

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mummyloveslucy Mon 09-Feb-09 18:57:44

Hi, I'm going for a scan tommorrow to see if the 3 tablets of Clomid have worked.
If not then we'll have to try something else. This is my last chance with the Clomid.
I wondered what is the earliest you can sence you are pregnant? It seems strange that last night we did it, and I kept waking up during the night. First I was too hot, then I needed the toilet. I never usually wake at night at all. The only time I've ever woken up at night was when I was pregnant.
I know it's probubly wishfull thinking, but I also had a dream that night that I'd given birth to another little girl. I don't usually dream either.
Has anyone else has a strange experiance like this? and were you right?
I'm now waiting for everyone to tell me I'm barking. grin

memoo Mon 09-Feb-09 19:00:51

hello there, TBH I really think it is too soon to be able to tell after just a few hours. You wouldn't be pregnant then, even if the egg had fertilised it wouldn't have implanted.

I really really hope you are though, i recently got my BFP after a long time of trying so do know how desperately you want it

By the way you're not barking, we've all been there

Good luck xx

mummyloveslucy Mon 09-Feb-09 19:10:24

Thanks memoo. smile Today I've felt a bit of siscomfort and wondered if it was ovulation pain but it could be implantation pain, if there is such a thing. grin
I shouldn't be getting my hopes up too much, but you can't help it. wink

hannahlouhoo Mon 09-Feb-09 19:13:36

Can you get implanation pain? jsust being nosey!

Hope you get some good news in a couple of weeks!

TwistinMyMelonMan Mon 09-Feb-09 19:20:23

i dont think it is possible but i thought i knew too,

infact i was right, 4 days after sex,

and i texted dp to say, i think i am pregnant and this time it is a boy,

i was right, i was pg and he was a boy,

the last time i didnt know i was until a week or so after the sex, but i did dream in that week that i was handed a baby girl,

i was laying in a bed and it took me a while to realise she was mine for keeps (we lost all our 3 previous p/gs)

i was so sure of my dream, i had dp on my left side and i saw my mum come though the door to meet her first grandchild over my right shoulder,

it was all correct <spooks self>

the funny thing was, at a private scan we were told she was a boy, i was totally amazed as i remembered my dream,

at the 20 weeks scan they said a girl,

i bloody knew i was right... grin

good luck x

TwistinMyMelonMan Mon 09-Feb-09 19:21:52

and i posted here about my dream before i got my bpf shock

mummyloveslucy Mon 09-Feb-09 19:30:40

Oh that's interesting. My dream was very realistic too. It was a little girl, much chubbier than my daughter was. In fact the baby could sit up by herself, she was sat on my lap looking at me. hmm Perhaps not that realistic then. grin
I was supprised to have another girl as I thought I'd have a boy as there are so many in my husbands familly. I was very happy though. smile

mummyloveslucy Mon 09-Feb-09 19:36:23

I also had quite a few dreams while pregnant with my daughter that I'd had a baby girl. I think I secretly wanted a little girl to take her to ballet etc. (She hates ballet btw lol)

TwistinMyMelonMan Mon 09-Feb-09 19:45:07

i have just found my 'dream post'

how wierd,

i never looked for it before,


i had a dream last night that someone handed me a baby, a real live baby, and when i looked at it i realised it was my baby,

i was so overwhelmed with love when i saw her (yes a girl) and then i looked to my side and dp was watching me with tears in his eyes,

i have never dreamed about a real baby before, always freaky dreams about loss, having one taken away, it not being mine and other crazy stuff

so smile you just never know

mummyloveslucy Mon 09-Feb-09 20:06:48

Wow, spooky stuff. grin It would be good, I'd be trying desperatly trying to dream of the lottery nombers. grin

BlueSapphire77 Mon 09-Feb-09 20:47:47


I did with all mine (3) and i knew the sex instinctively too


Don't ask me lotto numbers i'm keeping them all for myself wink

sweetkitty Mon 09-Feb-09 20:49:57

I've known 4 times the result of the pregnancy test before it came up.

NOt the day after more like 3-4 days

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Mon 09-Feb-09 20:50:47

It's possible that you could 'know'. It's your body, and some people are very well attuned to their bodies - there is nothing remotely supernatural about it btw.
However, when you desperately want something, it is very easy to see signs and omens everywhere. I wish you the best of luck, whatever the outcome.

georgimama Mon 09-Feb-09 21:00:55

I had a dream in June 2006 about a little blond boy with chubby arms of about 2, putting his arms up to cuddle me. It was so vivid I woke up and started crying when it wasn't real.

A couple of weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. DS is a little blond boy with chubby arms.

It sounds completely mental but it seemed so real. on the rational side, I was a little blondie until about three, DH was blond, every first born in my family has been a boy - it is all just coincidence I am sure.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 09-Feb-09 21:03:37

My sister says she can tell. I am dubious. Though she was right all four times and has three children <one miscarriage sad> to prove it.

Saying that though, they only seem to have sex to concieve so she could just be uber fertile hmm

You can have implantation pains. I had 'period pains' for about two months once. dd1 came along about 7 months later. I had a long wait for that period to start grin

mummyloveslucy Mon 09-Feb-09 21:21:52

So anything is possible. smile

I'll let you know if I was right. wink

yellowflowers Mon 09-Feb-09 21:25:52

I believe in signs and also that you can just know. That said, I have twice had baby dreams like that - in one I had a little boy called Thomas - this was as a teenager and before I was sexually active and we were round a swimming pool in spain with my grandmother - very odd. Another one more recently but I wasn't pregnant sad. But a friend emailed me a coupleof weeks ago to say she had a dream that I had a little girl and it was very vivid - here's hoping...

hellymelly Mon 09-Feb-09 21:28:34

I had implantation pains-well a strange grinding sensation,each time I was pregnant.wishes you good luck!

muffle Mon 09-Feb-09 21:33:57

My colleague said she knew the next morning she was pregnant, after sex the night before (and it was her first pg as well). She was right!

I'm sure if you have ovulated at the right time so that the egg is ready and waiting when you have sex, it could happen in a few hours and your body would start chemical changes that some people could sense.

mummyloveslucy Wed 11-Feb-09 15:24:16

I went for a scan yesterday and the Clomid has worked this time, (Yippee). grin
I had an injection of LH to release the egg. (fingers crossed for 2 weeks time)
It does mean that I can't be pregnant already but hopefully I'm not too far off now. smile

Dropdeadfred Wed 11-Feb-09 15:28:34

I 'knew' I was pregnant as soon as I'd sex the night i conceived dd2...I can't tell you how, I just knew it.

FriarKewcumber Wed 11-Feb-09 15:32:02

implantation only happens about day 6 or 7 after fertilitsation and (probably) the earliest that your body would be able to "know" (but only my very humble opinion)

BlameItOnTheBogey Wed 11-Feb-09 15:36:12

I knew that I was pregnant long before any pregnancy test would have shown it. Whenever I tell people this, they look at me in a slightly patronising 'of course you did' kind of way. But we'd been trying for 19 months and each month I had known I wasn't pregnant. That month something felt immediately different. I told DH who told me not to get my hopes up but all I could think was, I wonder how long it will be until the hormones will be high enough for the pregnancy test to show positive so DH will know I am pregnant too. DS is now 9 months old and we are trying again so we'll see if it works again.

poshsinglemum Sat 21-Feb-09 20:39:40

I knew that our tryst would end in a pregnancy as it happened. It did.

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