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July/August baby threads, where are you now? Wishing, Sunnydale, Homeinthesun, Headfairy, Bubble, etc..

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Issy42 Sun 08-Feb-09 18:01:02

Please don't be offended if you're not named, you're still welcome, I just have a rubbish memory. I can see a couple of you on November thread but there's a whole load of people not there. Just wondering if you wanted a little thread to keep in touch?

Headfairy - just replied to you on grapefruit thread. So sorry about your sad news. Was hoping a new thread might provide you with support from old friends.

And Sunnydale, I know you're wary of new threads, so though you might also like the company of old friends.

Wishing and Bubble having your weird long cycles and missing whole month's threads, thought this might be one for you too.

So what do you say? I'll start a list just in case:

Issy, ttc#1, cycle 14, ucl 28ish, cd 23/10dpo, mc Mar08, cp Sep08, IVF in April.

HeadFairy Sun 08-Feb-09 21:46:37

Aw, bless you for starting this issy...

I'm happy to say I have no idea what cd I'm on, not counting, did bd at roughly the right time but I'm not even going to count from here on in.

I've made a few decisions about what happens next time I get pg...

I will not join any "I'm hoping for a June/July/August baby" etc threads (this thread is an exception )

I won't test until I'm two weeks late at least (that will of course be approximate as I'm not counting days)

I will do nothing until I get to about 7 weeks and then I will take myself to the EPU for a scan. I'm doing nothing until I see a heartbeat.

If I see a heartbeat at about 7 weeks, I may trot along to the docs about a week later. Definitely not before.

I won't tell anyone, possibly not even dh (unless he notices) until 12 weeks.

I will not join any ante natal threads until at least 12 weeks.

I will not deviate one bit from from my plan.

How exciting for you Issy to start your IVF in April. I bet you're raring to get started.

I hope the others join us on this thread for a bit of cycle ignoring Definitely no symptom spotting here

Issy42 Sun 08-Feb-09 23:09:11

Hehehe Headfairy. I had to log on to ff to see what cycle day I was on as I'm only temping around ov and just before AF due. It's so liberating isn't it? I did remember that AF due Wed though, partly because I have a scan on day 2-5. Your plan sounds good, though not sure dh would forgive you if you didn't tell him until 12 weeks grin.

I'm really frustrated at having to wait - feels like such a long way away. It's just bad timing because they were closed over Christmas, which created a waiting list for Jan and Feb. They count me starting in Mar but you don't do anything until day 20 for treatment next cycle, so April really. Meantime I'm following the couch to 5K running programme to get fit before treatment as it's meant to help and the drugs can cause weight gain (hopefully just bloating).

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 08:38:12

I can see how frustrating that might be... hopefully the time will fly by. When you're counting days time seems to draaaag so long, so now you're not really counting maybe they'll fly by!

I'm sure dh will guess before I got to 12 weeks esp as he'll miss his monthly shagathon

Ilovebeingamummy Mon 09-Feb-09 11:19:34

Hi all

Can I join you? I was on the Sept thread.

I got pregnant 1st cycle in Sept, mc at 6 wks and it happened again in dec at 6 wks.

Wish I could do some cycle ignoring but I find it impossible.

Don;'t know what is going on today - tiniest bit of brown blood today (CD32 off 34 day cycle) but seems to have gone. Am driving myself mad with hope that it is implantation bleed but trying to work myself up to accepting af.

I officially HATE ttc now

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 13:35:44

Hi ilove.... welcome. Remember now, the rules are no discussing ttc wink

Hope the spotting stops soon.

I hate ttc too, not the act of it of course, but all the other crap that goes with, hence my avoidance of any analysis of anything I'm feeling. If I find myself wondering "what was that little twinge?" I slap myself around the face

girlwithacurl Mon 09-Feb-09 14:19:15

HI, I was on the August thread. I find it so depressing having to jump from one thread to the next each cycle, and cos I have such long ones (42 days last time!) I keep having to miss one out, which is even more depressing. So if I promise not to obsess about TTC can i join you guys here?
Headfairy sorry to hear about your MC, i like your list, although how will you not even tell DH!? mine would kill me! Can you just take yourself along to the EPU, mine were so brilliant when I had my MC that I feel like you that I would want to go to get the reassurance but thought I would need a referral?
Issy such good news about the IVF. Fingers etc. all crossed for you

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 15:10:21

Hiya girl... I know, I'm sure I'd break before I got to 12 weeks, but it would be quite funny!

Me: I'm up the duff
Dh: oh here we go again, don't start getting your hopes up babe.
Me: No I'm really up the duff, 6 months, haven't you noticed?
Dh: <falls off chair>

Our local EPU is brilliant, it's self referral, and they are happy to scan you even if you've had no bleeding or pain. They see feeling anxious as a perfectly valid reason for a scan, esp if you've had a previous mc. They're lovely

bubblebell1 Mon 09-Feb-09 15:40:24

Hi all! grin

how lovely to see you all.

issy how sweet of you to start this thread. i think its a brilliant idea as i have 3 month cycles

good luck with your ivf. april does sound a long way off but we are already in feb and i hope we can help keep you occupied til the time comes grin

head glad to hear your ok. i hope your plan works. i would try and stick to a similar one but i tend to break every rule going blush

Hello to girl and ilove i remember you from previous threads. lets hope we all get lucky on this thread.

well i am CD37. no BFP and no AF but kinda expecting it now.they refered me for a scan and bloodtests which i today to check for pcos. they checked for thyroid function, testosterone, progesterone, FSH, LH, SHBG and oestradiol. (anyone know what they are?? or what the results should be??)nurse said they take 5 working days to get the results back so i should hopefully get some kind of answers soon.

have added myself to issys list

Issy, ttc#1, cycle 14, ucl 28ish, cd 23/10dpo, mc Mar08, cp Sep08, IVF in April
Bubblebell1, TTC#3, cycle 2, ucl??, cd37

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 15:47:26

Hi bubble. Sorry to hear about all your problems, hope that battery of tests comes up with something that easily fixable!

I won't add myself to the list as I'm not counting.. but I'm still here

bubblebell1 Mon 09-Feb-09 15:59:51

Head i hope they find something too. ive started to diet and take agnus castus in the hope that it sorts something out.

do you find it difficult not to count?? its part of my daily routine so for me would be hard to stop now. i dont temp atm.. well havnt for the last 2 wks and have run out of opks so just waiting for AF now. will prob start again when af turns up. blush

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 16:04:15

To be honest I always roughly know where I am in my cycle, but not down to the day. I can't remember if I'm on cd 17 or 19 today for example. It might even be more than that, not sure. I've decided if I haven't had af by my grandmother's birthday (8th March) then might allow myself a test

I didn't do any counting etc when I was ttc ds, although it took a while I hadn't discovered mnet and didn't really know my cycle terribly well (hence it took over a year) so I've really only counted days the past few months.

bubblebell1 Mon 09-Feb-09 16:11:08

me too head!

i didnt count days or temp just humped (grin)everyday and was lucky first month both times!! perhaps thats where im going wrong! i need to be oblivious to my fertility signs and i will get a BFP!! (i wish)

My BILs gf has told me she is ttc. she is only 18 and doesnt work and is living with my MIL. i know i shouldnt judge but today she said she isnt taking folic acid coz her mate told her it causes MC... i told her it wasnt true and even directed her onto here (lets hope she doesnt see this and guess its me)to get some advice.. i am soo jealous thinking she will concieve before me when she is totally clueless and niave to the whole ttc idea. i am embarrassed that i feel like this and havnt toild anyone in RL. god its not up to me who falls pregnant is it. blush

girlwithacurl Mon 09-Feb-09 16:14:53

Hi Bubble gosh, what a lot of tests, hope one of them produces some answers, and as head says, someing easily fixable, the not knowing what it is can often be the hardest bit. BTW did your doctor tell you to start Agnus castus, I heard somewhere you should tell them you are taking it as I think it can cause its own problems, but I am sure you know what you are doing! smile

head you are a beacon of level headedness and a example to us all. Hopefully you can keep us all sane.

Issy, ttc#1, cycle 14, ucl 28ish, cd 23/10dpo, mc Mar08, cp Sep08, IVF in April
Bubblebell1, TTC#3, cycle 2, ucl??, cd37
Girlwithacurl ttc#1, cycle 10, ucl40, CD6, MC Sept 08

bubblebell1 Mon 09-Feb-09 16:17:29

thanks girl, atilla said not to take it without seeing a medical herbalist so i rang a local one and she said it would be fine.hmm I will tell my GP when i go back next week that i am aswell.

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 16:22:27

girl... I talk the talk but can I walk the walk? Time will tell

Bubble... at 18 she'll get pg just looking at her bf. Don't get too downhearted if she does, she's very young and probably super fertile. You're only young too, but every year counts. Think of me, I'm 20 years older than her <eek> hahahaha actually forget that, I've stopped counting birthdays too

Don't feel embarrassed about feeling envy when people get pg all around you.. we're all doing it. I practically seethe when I see a pg woman walking down my road, have to physically restrain myself from going over to her and saying "you think you're so clever don't you? Just wait til it's born, you won't get a wink of sleep, your boobs will be agony, you'll be so tired to you can't think straight and you'll look like shit" then run off cackling hahahahahahaha!

wink Only kidding, I'm not that evil really

girlwithacurl Mon 09-Feb-09 16:57:53

bubble my SIL is PG, happened on their honeymoon, first month of trying. I had my MC two days before their wedding... can you imagine how I felt. Really want to be happy for them, but my brother was so insenstitve when they told me, asked if we were still trying, like we tried, failed and then thought oh well, never mind, I can't be bothered anymore! angry. Its easy to say you shouldn't let it bother you, but in reality it can be a lot harder to behave/feel as you know you should, emotions run so high, and every cycle that comes and goes I feel like it is never going to happen for us, and it happened so easily for them. I am being selfish, but I can't help it!

bubblebell1 Mon 09-Feb-09 17:27:22

Thanks girls! glad im not the only sad, selfish, evil cow on here grinwink

bubblebell1 Mon 09-Feb-09 18:24:22

<<bubble nervously pops her head round the door>> i was only joking girls!! i dont really think your sad, selfish or evil. blush xxxxxxxxxxx grin

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 20:15:42

Yes you did, you cow wink


See, you've forgotten all about ttc haven't you?

Issy42 Mon 09-Feb-09 23:03:24

Now, now, girls, play nicely grin.

Wrote a longish post before I left work, but it didn't post angry.

I think it's natural to feel some envy towards other people who are pg. There's always that 'why can't it be me?' feeling even though you're happy for them. Try not to beat yourself up about it.

Hi Bubble, Ilove and Girl. Nice to see you again. Anyone heard from Sunnydale recently?

I'm feeling virtuous as have done my second run in the couch to 5K programme - only 25 to go. Was tougher tonight than Sunday though, prob due to aching muscles and being in work all day. Hopefully get my treadmill before my next one so can stop wearing away my carpet running from my back door to the front and back again! (Pavements still too icy to run outside.)

Hoping we get enough snow tonight not to be able to go to work in morning but not enough to prevent my evening out - going to see the Strictly tour.

Just repasting the list to move myself on a day and correct my dpo.

Issy, ttc#1, cycle 14, ucl 28ish, cd 24/12dpo, mc Mar08, cp Sep08, IVF in April
Bubblebell1, TTC#3, cycle 2, ucl??, cd37
Girlwithacurl, ttc#1, cycle 10, ucl40, CD6, MC Sept 08

bubblebell1 Tue 10-Feb-09 08:27:27

Hey all!

how are you today?

thanks Head i had completely forgotten about ttc.

Issy our snow has nearly gone. ive had enough of it now. the garden is like a swamp where it has melted and water logged the lawn angry (only had it returfed in the summer 2007)

hopefully ttc will be far from the forefront of my mind today, im looking after my nephew he is 6 wks older than ds2 so i will have my handsfull.

will try get back on here tho so i get some adult conversation grin

HeadFairy Tue 10-Feb-09 08:54:17

Issy, I'm very impressed with the running. I used to run quite a bit, was doing 10k in 50 mins, hoping to do a marathon. I don't know what happened, like most things it just fell by the wayside. I've got such a butterfly mind, get obssessed about something for a couple of weeks then move on. DH has just got his place for the London marathon, he's only got 11 weeks to get fit enough. He's pretty fit already, but he's been mostly doing 10k runs so he's got to start working on longer distances. I'm not sure I could manage much more than 10k these days, my ancient knees couldn't cope!

Sunnydale popped up on another thread, so I've directed her over here. Hopefully she'll come on over and join in the big "ignoring our cycle" sit in

I'm a bit envy at the snow too... we've got nothing but brown grass and mud here, with the surreal sight of giant snowballs dotted around the park, slowly melting. Tis bizarre!

I hope your nephew behaves himself today and you're not too run off your feet bubble... it sounds a perfect way to ignore your cycle.

Have a lovely day all, I'm around most of the day because I have yet again another day off work as they swapped my shifts, and as ds was already booked in to the cm I have a day of peace (apart from 6 estate agents coming round that is!) I think I'll be doing quite a bit of mnetting

Gateau Tue 10-Feb-09 08:55:12

Hi ladies,
Hope you are all well.
I think I was on this thread way back yonder too. Anyway,I recognise a few names here <hi HF!> so mind if I join?
My cycle is pretty regular (between 21-25 days) but as AF still hadn;t arrived by CD25, I was feeling pretty hopeful! I spent most of yesterday squinting at pg tests to see if I could really see that line hmm. I convinced myself I saw one, but I must have been seriously deluded because I got the old yucky brown discharge last night, which pretty much signals the onslaught of my AF sad. Or is it at all possible I could get this brown stuff and NO AF??! Doubt it, really.
Am feeling so upset. Have had two recent, consecutive mcs and am so scared I'll never have another child. BUT, no point moping, there's only one way forward, so am now realising I need to start ovulation predicting. I got pg with DS (21 months) when I charted my temperatures, so wondering whether to do this again?

Gateau Tue 10-Feb-09 09:00:52

Oooops,silly me. Just realised you are all ignoring your cycles! blush

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