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i want a new baby

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jennastace111 Sun 01-Feb-09 09:10:36

i have a 2 and 1 year old but desperate for 1 more i spoke to my man but he says that the ones we have are hard enough to cope with and then sed maybe in a year or 2 , i dont think my kids are that bad its just the terrible twos and my 1 year old copys anyway i want to get pregnat this october so when the baby is born there ages will be 4 and 3 how can i convince him to give me a baby i hate not being pregnant

brettgirl2 Sun 01-Feb-09 09:40:35

He said 'maybe in a year or two' October is nearly a year. I'd just keep reminding him that you haven't forgotten grin

jennastace111 Sun 01-Feb-09 09:52:00

lol yer but he always says he cant take anymore wen we talking bout kids which is confusing me as we are getting married in july but wen eva someone says that it normally means they going to leave i really dont think they are that bad my daughter is mouthy and doesnt listen but shes 2 arnt all 2 year olds like that i keep telling him its there age but he just says its not they know what they are doing witch just makes me laugh maybe he was the worlds only well behaved 2 year old wen he was little lol but i will get my baby ive even thought of taking my implant out and not telling him but he sed if i ever do that he would leave me !! he dont like being decieved

Northernlurker Sun 01-Feb-09 09:57:13

You certainly shouldn't deceive him - that's the way to wreck a relationship!

Sounds like he will talk about it in a while so I would just enjoy the children you have for now.

You also need to think carefully about this - it isn't just him. Babies are wonderful and lovely - but they grow into children and so when thinking about whether to get pregnant you need to think if you actually want another CHILD. Personally I'm a fan of big gaps - you've obviously had your older two close together and that's worked great - but you don't have to have babies at 18 month intervals to have a close family. I've got 3 years between my first two and 6 years between dd2 and dd3 and they all get on great.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sun 01-Feb-09 09:58:54

It is up to him as well, and it's not just about you , I'm afraid, you both need to agree to it, or he could get unhappy and leave, and you definitely should not deceive him.

jennastace111 Sun 01-Feb-09 10:04:49

yer i know , ilove both my kids they are my world its strange its all i think about i miss everything about being pregnant and ive planned it all that i dont want to know the sex and going to have a home birth and a couple of months ago me and my man decided what our next child would be called he wouldnt do that if he didnt want one would he, he even drew up a tattoo of the name for his self

Wonderstuff Sun 01-Feb-09 10:06:11

I agree he has to be able to have a say in having more children, I don't blame him for threatening to leave if you deceive him!! I personally loved having dd as a baby, so I am planning a big gap so I can enjoy the next baby while dd is at school. grin I would focus on the wedding first and concentrate on babies later

Wonderstuff Sun 01-Feb-09 10:08:42

Yes sounds like he definitely wants one sometime. You are lucky to enjoy being pg, I fecking hated every minute of it hmm

jennastace111 Sun 01-Feb-09 10:20:54

i loved till the last month with both kids as they always layed on my leg nerves so i would fall over all the time lol and they where both late so i got huge lol i like the feeling of them moving inside me

Wonderstuff Sun 01-Feb-09 10:44:33

I'm still bfing and I am looking forward to getting my body back! smile

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