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TMI WARNING***** lots of cm that is leaving a brownish tinge in my knickers any advice??

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Wishing Fri 30-Jan-09 16:12:37

Anyone any idea what this is ladies??

beanieb Fri 30-Jan-09 16:15:22

what part of your cycle are you on?

Joolsiam Fri 30-Jan-09 16:16:08

Depends whereabouts you are in your cycle

I get a day of this about 2 days before AF starts, but I also got quite a lot one morning the day before AF was due and the day I got a BFP grin

Wishing Fri 30-Jan-09 16:17:11

no idea really!! Was expcting af by now as lmp was late on the 17th Dec xx

oh i had loads of this a few weeks ago but it has come back over the last few days

Wishing Sat 31-Jan-09 12:07:13

hello anyone!

CM is globby today and loads of it, keep running to toilet as it feels like its trickling!!
Any ideas??

Issy42 Sat 31-Jan-09 15:49:20

Hey Wishing. For anyone else I would say lots of thick CM is a pg symptom but I know I've said this to you before and it wasn't. Fingers crossed for you. Hope you get that BFP when you next test xx.

Wishing Sat 31-Jan-09 16:01:08

thanks izzy, dont worry im not hopeful!! xx

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