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BrandyBaby Thu 29-Jan-09 06:19:43


PuzzleRocks Thu 29-Jan-09 08:47:50

Bumping for you.

SusieR Thu 29-Jan-09 20:41:32

Hi, I have a success story on Clomid. A lovely four year old girl. I used it for 2 months after 18 mths of not conceiving. So i does work. Fingers crossed for you.

BrandyBaby Thu 29-Jan-09 20:50:39


Thank you! what dose were you on? and how soon were you able to tell that you were pregnant?

BrandyBaby Thu 29-Jan-09 20:51:39


Why every thread i start do you always say ...."Bumping for you" ??????? What does that mean?

NaturalBornThreadKiller Thu 29-Jan-09 20:52:41

no experience of clomid brandy but wishing you all the luck in the world, i had a hard time getting/staying pg too

Lulumama Thu 29-Jan-09 20:52:56

she has 'bumped' your thread because no-one has replied, and bumping moves it back to the top of the active conversation boards so hopefully it will be seen

may i offer you a bit of advice? don';t use capitals, it is shouting, and don't post multiple threads asking the same question, jsut post it once and keep bumping


NaturalBornThreadKiller Thu 29-Jan-09 20:54:24

bumping for you means 'help this thread back to the top of active convos'

puzzlerocks is a fab poster who notices when an thread has gone unanswered and 'bumps' it back to the top again,

she does it for lots of posts/threads smile

NaturalBornThreadKiller Thu 29-Jan-09 20:55:45

hugs lulu the voice of reason wink

Lulumama Thu 29-Jan-09 20:56:29

hi fives naturalborn, Voice Of Reason Mark II. grin

ilovemydogandMrObama Thu 29-Jan-09 20:59:05

grin at 'every thread I start do you always say...'

BrandyBaby Thu 29-Jan-09 20:59:50

oh.. I did not know that. Thank you letting me know. Im still kinda new to this. Im learning... and thanks for the bumping!

Lulumama Thu 29-Jan-09 21:02:41

one thread

no capitals

lots of bumping

job done !

BrandyBaby Thu 29-Jan-09 21:05:09

Lulumama .. Thank you for letting me know

ilovemydogandMrObama Thu 29-Jan-09 21:08:02

(and think you'll find on active convos a large thread on same subject!)

Good Luck!


BrandyBaby Thu 29-Jan-09 21:09:10

Thank you

lauralou1 Fri 30-Jan-09 17:59:42

hi i have a success story for clomid we had been trying to concieve for 6 years doctor put me on 50mg for the 1st month but didnt ovulate so the second month i took 100mg and ovulated i only ovulated at 32.5 but that did the job and am now 26+2 weeks pg with a little girl it does work

i wish you all the luck in the world baby dust to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BrandyBaby Fri 30-Jan-09 23:47:59

Thank you for that story... Im taking clomid 100mg on days 3-7 this month. Do you remember what days did you take your dosage of clomid?

lauralou1 Sat 31-Jan-09 12:20:04

i took mine days 2-6 i had bad side effects on 50 mg and no side effects at all on 100 mg i went away to scotland to visit family on the thursday phoned my clinic for ov results and said i had ov on cd28 bloods at only 32.5 then 5 days later i tested and it came back positive straight away and that was at 11 oclock at night

any over questions please feel free to ask

are you getting monitired properly?

BrandyBaby Sun 01-Feb-09 01:20:47

My health insurance doesnt cover much. So I have to pay out of pocket. Im just taking the opks and taking clomid. I just have to wait and see if im pregnant on thursday!
*wish me the best!

lauralou1 Sun 01-Feb-09 12:05:17

brandy baby
were do you live that you have to pay out of your health insurance ?

and how do you no what level you have ovulated at ?

take care and good luck for thursday xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

RFCMummy Thu 05-Feb-09 13:24:11


I am mum to two clomid babies. I find that the key to clomid success is to take it on days 2-6 and also to use Robitussin cough medicine or any cough medicine where the active ingredient is Guinafesin(sp). Clomid can dry up your mucous and make it harder for sperm to reach their destination. The Guinafesis medicine loosens up mucous in coughs and has the same effect down below.

I took it from CD1 and used between 2 and three bottles of the stuff up to ovulation. Doesn't taste great but I got a BFP first month each time on 50mg.

I am hoping to try for a 3rd clomid baby in the autumn. Good luck to you

BrandyBaby Sun 08-Feb-09 03:20:49


Sorry it has taking me awhile to respond. I pay for clomid out of pocket. And I do have health insurance but it does not include and anything dealing with fertility. I did get several blood tests done and there is nothing wrong with me-everything came back normal and good. Even my husband went and had his sperm count & mobility checked... he is in the normal range and everything looks good for him as well. My doctor said that perhaps I am putting to much pressure on myself. Plus, the fact that I was on birth control pills for 6 years straight... my doctor said because of that it could take for 12-18 months to conceive. But thank for all of your information. And if you can remember anything else that might help me, please let me know. Thanks!

BrandyBaby Sun 08-Feb-09 03:30:02


What do you think of taking clomid on days 1-5? This is the first time hearing about Robitussin. How much should I take? And on what days should I take it? So foe each child you tried and on the first month you got pregnant both times?? That’s great! Both times did you take 50mg?

I took 4 months of clomid 50mg on days 5-9... Two months off... then last month clomid 100mg on days 3-7…. this month I am trying clomid 100mg on days 1-5. What do you think? And please keep me updated on your 3rd baby. Thank you!

superhero Sun 08-Feb-09 05:21:19

5 years ago I took clomid (called ickaclomin here) and it stimulated me to have 2 eggs. I was REALLY lucky and got pregnant the first treatment, with twins and today the twins are 4.5 years old and bloody gorgeous!

It works by stimulating your brain and getting you to release FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone).

I'm trying to get pregnant again now and thought it would be that easy again. Twice I had 2 eggs (the successful one and the first try now), but twice I only had one egg. My doctor said that clomid can be unpredictable (as to how many eggs you get) and so after having had 3 unsuccessful treatments on the clomid, we have now upgraded to FSH shots (I am impatient, I have spent years not getting pregnant naturally and for me the disappointment depression isn't worth going through).

As for how soon can you tell you're's different for every woman. I know some women who claim to know from conception. For me, I was pregnant with twins and really sick with morning sickness but I still had no other way of knowing I was pregnant. My dr told me to wait for 2 weeks before doing a blood test because I took ovitrelle to force the ovulation and that stays in your system for 2 weeks.

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