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Post baby/mc periods (TMI alert)

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funtimewincies Mon 26-Jan-09 18:52:22

A quick question for ladies who've already had a child and/or mc's, did your periods change significantly (consistency-wise I mean) afterwards? I only ask because since this last mc (latest of 3 after ds was born), my periods have been increasingly red and watery (sorry TMI). I'm not worried, especially, as it's different to the 'prune juice' wateriness I got with the ectopic, I'm just wondering whether the lining itself has changed and whether this might be causing implantation problems.

I've got an appintment about the mc's coming up and I'll mention it, but it's preying on my mind a little at the moment.

littleboyblue Mon 26-Jan-09 18:55:04

I've had 3mc's and 1 child but apart from the initial periods after each event there hasn't been a change.
Hope everything's ok and you get some positive answers at your appointment

C1NDY Tue 27-Jan-09 10:44:05

Hi Funtime I had a MC but had a blood flow like a normal period. Did you have a DCM or was it a natural MC? As I have heard that a DCM will scrape away at the lining and it takes three periods for it to return back to normal. But during this time you should still ovulate - sometimes it can cause multiple pg as many eggs are released due to the thinner lining.

I can understand your worry and hope that you will get your answers. Its a good job your going to see someone about your concerns.

All the best and do let me know how you get on


funtimewincies Tue 27-Jan-09 11:09:26

Thanks for taking a look at the post C1NDY grin. After the first mc (Jan 2008) I had an ERPC and they've been a bit weird since then. The ones since (June and October 2008) then have been natural mcs, maybe I've not had enough periods between them for things to settle back down to normal.

This ttc thing means that I spend more time analysing these things than is strictly healthy hmm.

Joolsiam Tue 27-Jan-09 11:21:52

Hi Funtime - when you say "red and watery" - was this light flow, and almost pinky - like the blood had been diluted ?

My first post MC bleed was like this - definitely not AF like (no teeny tiny clots whatsoever and no dark bits, just pinky red blood - sorry if that is tmi blush) and, having googled obsessively and asked lots of questions, I decided it must have been a bleed from an anovulatory cycle post MC - probably not what you want to hear I know but worth considering maybe when you see a GP - ask for tests to confirm ovulation is definitely happening ?

C1NDY Tue 27-Jan-09 11:27:24

Funtime I have no idea, but I think your doing the correct thing in getting it checked out - especially for peace of mind. When you know anything further let us know. TTC is stressful enough so please get to the bottom of this and hopefully it can be one less thing to think about. (big hugs to you)

funtimewincies Tue 27-Jan-09 11:40:23

Ahh, that might make some sense Jools, as I suspected that I'd not ovulated this month. The ewcm (what little there was) never seemed to end and then I had that late AF with BFNs. This month's is much more weird than last month's. I know that I do have occasional annovulatory cycles, even though my ovaries look 'fabulous' to quote the sonographer grin but I wonder if they're becoming more frequent.

Back to temping and peeing on ov sticks this month I think...

funtimewincies Tue 27-Jan-09 11:41:34

And yes, pinky with no clots at all.

Joolsiam Tue 27-Jan-09 12:37:48

What clinched it for me was when I got more EWCM the day before this odd bleed happened - I know that you often get multiple EWCM patches when your body is attempting to ovulate and failed the first time. I also had no PMT or any hormonal symptoms at all in the run up to or during that bleed.

I normally turn into an irritable cow, so I knew that wasn't right !!

funtimewincies Tue 27-Jan-09 13:11:25

That's right, it kept reappearing and I remember posting on our other thread that I didn't feel premenstrual or pregnant.

Damn, I hope it wasn't the missing tube side. Although I can in theory conceive when I ovulate on the right, I'm sure my only successful pregnancy was a left-sider.

(goes to raid the fridge in dismay blush)

Thanks for the help guys grin.

wasabipeanut Tue 27-Jan-09 13:34:26

Consistency wise mine are much the same as before ds, although they are heavier and shorter than they used to be. As fpr how things are going to progress for me post mc, who knows?

The Deanna website says every pregnancy changes your hormonal makeup - no matter what its outcome. It's definitely something you should mention at your appt.

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