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Assisted conception and the bits inbetween Part Two!.......

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spook Thu 08-Jan-09 16:14:11

Hi everyone.
New thread starts here....

londonlottie Thu 08-Jan-09 16:43:22

Message withdrawn

spook Thu 08-Jan-09 17:34:40

Very much at home you look too LL.
Wish I was reclining on a bloody bar stool smile

mowmi Thu 08-Jan-09 21:47:27

Hey ladies, thanks for all your kind words. I'm ok, a bit sad and prone to bursting in to tears but ok...

There's a lot going on with you lot - promise to catch up properly at the weekend.

Thanks again - you're a bunch of very lovely ladies.


rowingboat Fri 09-Jan-09 13:26:17

Thank you Spook for the new thread!
Mowmi, sending you hugs, it's probably the hormones making you feel weird as well. Take it easy this weekend!
Lottie I am thinking of contacting your Norwegian clinic as well. I can't explain why, but I kind of prefer the idea of Norway, seems easier and it's nearer to Scotland (silly). I read on another board that they will transfer three embryos, do you know the truth of that?
The flights are much cheaper from here than Hungary and I have found quite a cheap guest house in the town, so it could well come in lower than Hungary. I noticed the doctor's name is Jon, is that the bloke you dealt with?
How is your next IVF planning going?
Went to the GP again for a second blood sample, but the nurse didn't have the results of the last one, so still don't know if this is a cyst, a miscarriage or a miscarried ectopic. Stupid thing has stuffed up my cycles, so handy. Plus have PMS from hell, feel as if I have just been to a funeral - not much fun.
I haven't been able to speak to the GP again yet, about the drug freecycle thing, but I will as soon as I have an opportunity.

flibbertywidget Fri 09-Jan-09 14:26:30

Spook - hope you are doing ok
OAP - good luck with EC on monday
LL - I, too am sodding freezing and have a bloody migraine to boot. I am "working from home" today - and as yet, haven't gotten out of my pj's. shock, it actually feels great!

Mowmi- thinking of you all the time and hoping for tuesday, sending you big hugs darling.

Sooty - am v envious of the surfing, but please do stay away from man killing predators.

RB - shame on your GP not having your results yet, you must be feeling like crap at the moment, so sending you some friday cheer xxxxx

I have just eaten my 3rd slice of Galette de Roi, which we bought in france. I think I need to stop eating now!

Hope you all have quiet and peaceful weekends

londonlottie Fri 09-Jan-09 17:50:30

Message withdrawn

londonlottie Fri 09-Jan-09 17:55:14

Message withdrawn

spook Fri 09-Jan-09 18:07:54

Hi girls...
Mowmi-ofcourse you feel sad and teary. You're a bundle of hormones and going through an incredibly difficult time. Be kind to yourself and DH this weekend. Try and have a nice one, and every day is a day nearer to Tuesday smile
RB-how bloody infuriating. Where were the results of the first test exactly I wonder???! Are you still bleeding as heavily? You'll be exhausted too.
Hi Flibberty If you can't eat 3 slices of Galette de Roi when you're pregnant then when can you?????? grin

I am really having the most horrendous sugar cravings. So far since Weds I have eaten 2 large selection boxes and a chocolate orange (all of which I am going to have to replace as they didn't belong to me hmm ) Where the hell am I going to find selection boxes in January now that Woolworths has gone the distance!
I tried the icecube trick last night OAP and it worked a treat. However I came up in the most horrible black bruise almost immediately which I didn't the night before. Wonder if DH was being extra rough because he knew I couldn't feel it!!

LL-God you're certainly in at the deep end with your course. This weekend?? How exciting!
And sorry about your period but at least you can move on to another month now....
Have a lovely weekend everyone xx

rowingboat Fri 09-Jan-09 22:15:16

Spook, do you have to replace the chocolates in a shop, did you pinch them? wink I was like that before Christmas with the Thorntons. Yummy, has to be done.
I will definitely try the icecube trick. Do you not fancy injecting yourself?
Oh, and yes, I am still bleeding, wish it would hurry up and finish so I can get my cycle back to normal. I hope it will be sooner rather than later because this couldn't have lasted long enough to knock my hormones off track.
Flibberty, I have no idea what galette de roi is, but it sounds divine.
Yes Sooty you need one of those stun gun thingies before you go back in.
Lottie, thank you, you are so kind. I hope you enjoy your course and meet lots of nice people. I feel better than I did earlier, not sure why, but I read about miscarriages on the internet (where else? smile) and there was a recommendation to take wild yam and vitamin C, so I did, and I do feel less weepy now. I think this is some kind of miscarriage, but it was a total surprise so I can't feel let-down, but I do feel very hormonal and tired slightly concerned about being so in the dark.
My lovely GP phoned me tongight (at work - very diligent, but rather awkward) and told me the HCG result was less than 5, which means not pg - well you don't say! I have read it can drop very quickly, so I'm not sure when it all stopped. He said I am scheduled for a scan next week then we will take things from there. My main fear is that it was ectopic, which means they might want to get rid of that tube to reduce the risk. So does this mean no more bding before the IVF??
I will send Jon an email to double check the 3 embryo thing, if he agrees, I think I might well change tack from Hungary. Thank you for the advice, I will keep you posted.

rowingboat Fri 09-Jan-09 22:47:21

Sorry, Lottie, I didn't ask about the drug thing when my GP phoned, just forgot.
I like the idea of a doctor called Arne, does he look like the terminator? smile

londonlottie Fri 09-Jan-09 23:39:07

Message withdrawn

rowingboat Fri 09-Jan-09 23:51:05

Hi Lottie, I have no idea about HCG levels. On Tuesday I got a negative on an OPK, which tests the same basic hormone, so it wasn't high at the start of the week. This must have been going on for a while I reckon.
I'm sorry I did note that AF turned up, but I forgot to commiserate. It's the not knowing isn't it!
Have fun tomorrow!

Onlyaphase Sat 10-Jan-09 09:38:11

Lottie, sorry your AF has turned up. Is Guys happy for you to go ahead on this cycle? I only ask as my clinic insists on 3 clear cycles before starting IVF afresh, which I have always found highly irritating BUT I would add that each time it has taken at least 2 cycles for me to feel back to normal and have normal AFs each time. So maybe they do have a reason for this. And I do hope your counselling course is going OK for you

Spook I think maybe the bruising is from the needle hitting a vein and bleeding from that under the skin? Funnily enough I normally bruise like a peach with the injections, but not this time so far

I have 2 injections left to go - one this morning at 11.30 and the trigger injection tonight at 8.30. Both are time critical so I am, as you can imagine, all over the place today trying to plan things properly. The other awful thing is that during my last scan yesterday (9 follicles of decent size, yippee!) my one remaining tube was enlarged, which may be another hydrosalapinges, which a study showed halved the chance of IVF working. Of course, it may not be this at all, but you can't help worrying...

Oh, and regarding recycling of drugs - would be very interested if there is anywhere for this. My clinic knows of nowhere that will take them, which is a shame.

Bumpless Sat 10-Jan-09 10:43:03

Hello everyone, please can I join your thread? Recommended by Rowingboat, who says what you don't know about assisted conception isn't worth knowing!

I've just been referred for IVF (vital stats Age 41, FSH raised) with a steer towards Harley Street Fert Centre, as my consultant also works there. Have also heard good things about ARGC for older gals like me. I notice that several folk are heading abroad for treatment though. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me?

Onlyaphase Sat 10-Jan-09 11:00:31

Hi Bumpless, welcome to the board

I think people decide on treatment here or abroad based on their personal circumstances, ability to travel, cash etc. It is certainly cheaper abroad, and there isn't usually a waiting list either, both of which are huge attractions. Downsides are having to be away for several days, partners having to travel etc, looking after existing children etc. What everyone really really wants is a handy clinic next door, excellent results, no waiting lists and free treatment - so choosing any clinic is a bit of a compromise.

Tip no 1 - get on with it! When will your referral come through? When you say raised FSH, how raised? some clinics like it under 10, some 12, others specialise in treatment for older of my friends was referred for IVF this year, only to be told her FSH was too high to go ahead, so they are looking into egg donors now.

I'm based outside of London so don't have experience of either place you mention, but am sure someone else will be along soon

rowingboat Sat 10-Jan-09 13:03:39

Hi Bumpless, good to see you. I'm considering a couple of clinics abroad, but have also been to see my local clinic. As OAP says, the clinic next door is the ideal, so as not to eat up annual leave and to minimise inconvenience.
I am considering going abroad to save cash, and because they are more likely to put back three embryos than my local. At my age this seems to be preferable, based on what I have read.
OAP - how exciting that you are almost on your trigger injection. You must be on tenterhooks. Do you have a history of hydro, and are there any other reasons for an enlarged tube?
Is it too late for antibiotics or is that a bad idea?
My GP reckoned I had swelling around the left tube from a external exam, don't really know why at this point. AFAIK my dodgy tube is closed at the ovary end not at the uterus end.

spook Sat 10-Jan-09 14:25:16

RB-the chocs were the DS's!! The little one really doesn't mind-I even came clean to him this morning that I'd scoffed his choc orange and he wasn't unduly concerned. DS1 on the other hand will be v v cross if he knew I'd had one of his (many) selection boxes away. Never come between DS1 and some sweet sugary shite shock
I'm glad your Hcg was so low. It means no ectopic for sure. Mine was slowly going up but nothing showing on the scan.
Not sure why you shouldn't be BDing though?
I'm sure it was some kind of miscarriage too and you need to accept that and not rush yourself to feel better. It will come.

I really really don't want to inject myself...the only way I can deal with it is to not see the point (of the needle that is!) If I was doing it I'd have to have at least a peek to see where the needle was headed!!

OAP-I know you've been here before but it must still be a huge sense of anticipation when you get to trigger shot? What happens tomorrow then? Just taking it easy for EC on Monday? I hope the enlarged tube isn't an issue. Could they not offer you any suggestions? I'm so excited for you!
(incidentally, from the needle wuss the trigger shot any larger than the stimms? hmm )

Lottie-I hope your course is going swimmingly, and you are learning lots of techniques for getting us all through the next few months grin

NappyValley Sat 10-Jan-09 16:59:43

Sorry as usual I have been rubbish at checking thread.

mowmi I caught your news and am thinking of you. It was interesting to hear of other people having the same experience and then it all being OK. I hope that is the case for you.

Anyone able to give me a quick round up of where everyone is these days. With the Christmas break and all the clinics shut it is hard to know what stage people are at.

Right news year resolution to check thread more often!!wink

Onlyaphase Sat 10-Jan-09 20:49:13

Just done trigger injection after a nightmare of a day.....please can you all go and check you have all the right kit and needles for all your injections now!

Trigger shot was due at 8.30 tonight, and I knew full well I had the Pregnl stuff in the fridge. For some reason (thank God I did) I thought I'd check this morning and find the relevant needles and syringe to mix it up in....nowhere to be found. I realised - belatedly - the clinic/pharmacy hadn't sent me a care pack this time around with the injector pens, wipes, needles and syringes etc in and it didn't matter though until today as I had enough stuff left from last time to keep me going. So I had the syringe I needed but no long and short needles. And nothing else that would do in their place, either!

Anyway I rushed to Boots in Canary Wharf (currently staying on houseboat there while being treated by clinic in Colchester) and the first Boots pharmacy said no, and sent me to a bigger one, who couldn't help me either as they don't give out needles. So I called the emergency clinic number and they said go to a NHS drop in centre or and A&E.

By this time we were very late for lunch at a friends house and I was v v stressed. Found a drop in centre in Whitechapel using DH's blackberry....and then the receptionist said they wouldn't be able to help me either and it was a 90 minute wait to see anybody anyhow. I must have looked devastated, as she said she'd speak to a nurse. Anyway, the lovely nurse took me straight to her dispensing cupboard, past the queue of rather disgruntled people, and gave me a couple of needles. I truly love that nurse - no queueing, dealt with me straight away with no fuss - I wonder if someone she knows had gone through IVF?

Anyway, after all that the actual trigger shot was a walk in the park, and I get a day off from injections now! Due at clinic at 8am on Monday, EC scheduled for 8.30 and my favourite consultant is doing it. I feel I can relax now for a bit - good thing too as I feel rather tender and swollen around my middle.

Onlyaphase Sat 10-Jan-09 20:54:59

Oh and Rowingboat/Spook, re enlarged tubes - my other tube was completely blocked and had a bad hydro and was removed Aug 05 before my first IVF. The other tube was left as it was damaged but may have been open at the ovary end. Anyway, looks like it is enlarged now, may be a hydro or it may just be a side effect of the drugs so will go down again soon. I get antibiotics for 5 days after EC anyway which will clear up any infection issues I hope.

NappyValley Sat 10-Jan-09 22:17:33

OAP what a NIGHTMARE. I bet you were v v stressed. I know it was the 1 injection that really got me all stressed out too!!

What a fantastic nurse. It is great to know there are people out there who care. I bet she did know someone who had been thru IVF.

We should get together and do a beginnners guide to IVF and include checking your trigger needles in the list of "things to do when the whopping big box of drugs arrives!!!"

Well done for keeping you head and sorting it out. Will have fingers crossed for a good harvest on monday.

rowingboat Sun 11-Jan-09 00:44:25

Grr, just wrote a big old post and then lost it. It was very witty and detailed.
Oh well!
OAP that sounds so traumatic, you poor thing. Hooray tomorrow is a day off in both senses. Hope you have a more relaxing day than Saturday. Very exciting waiting for Monday.
Spook, I'm glad you haven't been shoplifting chocolates, that would be an odd side-effect of the hormones.
You should be able to pick up some half price selection boxes at the supermarket or a Christmas pud for 50p, he'll never notice the difference. grin

spook Sun 11-Jan-09 18:48:43

Barf-I am soooo full. Just been for a mexican. And I haven't even had my injection yet. I'm so glad I chose to do them in the evening. My belly blows up like a balloon within minutes of doing the jab. Its so weird and so uncomfortable.

OAP-God what a stressful day. Thank Goodness you found such an understanding nurse. I hope you've had a lovely relaxing day in preparation for tomorrows shenanigans.
The weather here is so disgusting I had to kick DH out to walk the dogs this morning. I normally don't mind but its blowing an absolute gale here.

Hello Bumpless! Welcome to the thread and the ups and downs of AC. My only advice would be the same as OAPs...get on with it. I'm 41 too and was first referred for ICSI nearly a year ago and we're paying for it. God knows how long it would take here if we were NHS. Its very disheartening actually. Good luck with everything.

Mowmi-how are you sweetheart? I hope you've had a not to stressful weekend.
We went to see Slumdog Millionaire yesterday. Wonderful wonderful film but made me sob ALOT! Those darned hormones. I had to keep my head down when we left because I had mascara smudged all over my face. Very attractive.

Lottie-where are you? I need to know how your course is going!

sootykalucy Sun 11-Jan-09 23:11:11

Good luck OAP . . . EC will be like a holiday after your needle chase!

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