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Low morphology - natural conception? Any experiences?

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corblimeymadam Thu 08-Jan-09 11:05:30

Message withdrawn

corblimeymadam Thu 08-Jan-09 11:41:16

Message withdrawn

Treats Thu 08-Jan-09 12:41:03

Hi belgianbun

I'm not the right person to answer your question as DH and I haven't conceived yet (after 15 months......) but just to say that my DH had a sperm test which showed 2% morphology. Now obviously that could be a bit of a clue as to why we've been unsuccessful so far wink but actually 7% isn't too bad.

If I find the link, I'll post it, but there's a fertility doctor in New York (I think) who blogs about conception, and he says that low morphology is extremely common and that the measures doctors use to determine 'abnormal' levels would probably mean that a very large number of the population are 'abnormal'.

Something to think about is whether your DH's count and motility are high (this is the case with my DH). If you do the maths, your DH is going to be more successful with 7% of 50 million sperm (for example) than with 15% of 10 million. So below average morphology on its own doesn't need to be an issue.

Coincidentally, my DH just dropped off his sample for a second test this morning. Since the first diagnosis back in October, he's stopped drinking alcohol, has started exercising properly and regularly and takes all sorts of vitamins, including l-carnitine, l-arginine and pycogenol. It's not an entirely scientific experiment, but if his morphology has improved over that time, I'll post on here and let everyone know!

In the meantime - good luck! At the end of the day you only need one......

corblimeymadam Thu 08-Jan-09 13:01:58

Message withdrawn

helenlouisey Thu 08-Jan-09 15:25:23

Hi, here is the blog which Treats mentions Good luck

corblimeymadam Thu 08-Jan-09 21:04:03

Message withdrawn

corblimeymadam Thu 08-Jan-09 22:24:48

Message withdrawn

Lynsy Fri 09-Jan-09 09:35:31

Hi Belgianbun

Just wanted to let you know that my DP had low motility and low morphology when we were ttc out first, he had motility of 32% and morphology of 9% we fell pregnant naturally. After 6 months of trying for our secod we decided to have have another sperm test done which again showed motility of about 36% and morphology of 2%, knowing so much more second time round DP decided to cut out caffenine and alcohol altogether, he takes a range of vitimins that are supposed to be good for poor sperm and also has accupuncture every other week. A recent sperm test showed that his sperm is now completley normal, and although we are still not pregnant this is down to the fact that a laparoscopy I had at the end of Septemeber showed I had severe endometriosis, and we are currently unable to ttc until my next laparoscopy at the beginning of Feb.

When I found DP had poor morphology I was really concerned that maybe it would never happen naturally for us, but have read on here and heard so many stories from people that have had the same problem and have gone on to fall pregnant naturally.

I wish you all the luck in the world.


corblimeymadam Fri 09-Jan-09 13:40:21

Message withdrawn

nandos Fri 09-Jan-09 15:33:43

hi belgianbun,
dh and me had test conducted cos' we were unable to have kids after ttc for nearly 3 yrs. we found out that mine were all ok but dh's morphology n normal counts were only 3%.
we were devastated that time cos' he was tested twice in the past 6 mths n during that time he took vit tablets that incl selenium n zinc(gp asked to take it) n still it didnt improve anything except an increase in counts.
Also during that time i had clomid and during the 2nd cycle fell pregnant so in a way it help boost the number of eggs and by dh taking the tablets, it improved a lot more chance for us.
the tablet dh took last time was 'centrum'. hope i spelled it correctly. u might want to ask your dh to take it as it might help in some ways

corblimeymadam Fri 09-Jan-09 22:31:44

Message withdrawn

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