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OPK Lines question

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LipstickGirl Tue 06-Jan-09 22:49:41


I'm on day 11 of a cycle that averages about 27 days (though one month it was 23 days - weird!) and am trying to monitor my CM to time BD'ing. But I thought I'd try OPK's this month so used one this afternoon but although the line was the same colour as the test line it wasn't as strong - is this a positive? I'm not sure if I should force my poor exhausted husband to BD tonight or not!

Thanks in advance for your advice..


LipstickGirl Tue 06-Jan-09 23:05:25

Any OPK experts out there?!

Issy42 Wed 07-Jan-09 00:47:44

Technically the line has to be the same strength or darker, but many women find that they never see this, especially if they drink lots of water, and the line that's not quite the same strength is the best they get. Probably worth using one each day this cycle to see what your body does.

Also they are apparently strongest a few hours after waking so for most people around lunchtime is the best time to do them. However, ideally you have to have not peed for 4 hours and not drunk for two. Not great if you're trying to drink lots to increase CM!

Good luck! Hope it works for you.

MrsHappy Wed 07-Jan-09 07:52:06

The reason they work best in the afternoon is that the body produces LH in the night and early morning, so by lunchtime-ish it has made its way into your pee.
Just try not to pee for a couple of hours and then do one between 12 and 2.

MrsHappy Wed 07-Jan-09 07:52:42

Oh also, I found the ones with lines a total pain and ended up buying CB digital ones which are much clearer.

littlemiss26 Wed 07-Jan-09 09:11:05

when i got pregnant last time i got to light lines two days in a row (i test between 4-6pm) so i can only assume i ovulated between the tests. I think i'm right in the middle of that situation again. Funnily enough the months where i got strong lines i never concieved so not too sure that it matters if the line is a bit weak. I think the important bit is that you had no line before this and then no lines after thus indicating a peak. btw i'm no expert! just my own experience grin

LipstickGirl Wed 07-Jan-09 13:20:40

Thanks for all your expertise girls. Think will just go for it and hope for the best!


Issy42 Fri 09-Jan-09 00:29:38

Good Luck

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