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how long did your implantation bleed last?

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yellowflowers Tue 30-Dec-08 23:38:27

This isn't one of those threads where I am trying to believe my period is an implantation bleed - I know it's my period - so please don't shout at me - but I am interested generally. So those of you who bled then got bfp, and those of you who had implantation bleed - how long did it last for?

jemimap Tue 30-Dec-08 23:52:09

I had a light bleed (enough to need a pad) at 8dpo which lasted for 4 days... i got a bfp at 9dpo when I was having the bleed. Also had lots of cramping etc with the bleed. Ended in successful pregnancy (was my 3rd DC)



mibbes Wed 31-Dec-08 00:05:24

I had imp bleed at 9dpo for about 2-3 days. Also bled fresh blood at just less then 6 weeks. Now have a 4 weeks old grin

mibbes Wed 31-Dec-08 00:05:52

4 week old blush

Guitargirl Wed 31-Dec-08 09:34:35

I noticed 2 very faint streaks of blood at 8 days dpo. Then I had light spotting at 6.5 weeks for 2 days. With first pregnancy I had no implantation bleed but did have spotting at 7 weeks.

yellowflowers Wed 31-Dec-08 11:58:44

thanks - anyone else?

monkeybumsmum Wed 31-Dec-08 14:04:49

First pregnancy with implantation bleeding I got a bit of spotting for an afternoon then it disappeared, with the second it lasted a day, and then the third lasted almost four days! Think it varies really!

With the first two pregnancies I didn't get a BFP until at least four days after the bleeding, but with the third got a BFP then started to bleed.


ChubbyChubs Wed 31-Dec-08 14:12:10

I had implantation bleeding with DS3 but it only very brief. I went to the loo and wiped and there was lot of blood - I thought my period had arrived 3 days early (I was 10dpo) and was VERY cross. It wasn't old blood or pinky, it was proper bright red blood and plenty of it. But after that loo incident it was gone.

BrightSideOfLife Wed 31-Dec-08 15:36:59

I had an implantation bleed with this pregnancy - quite a light bleed (Like the last few days of a period) that lasted for about 5 Days and started at 6 DPO. I got a positive HPT on 10 DPO.

chubbychubs I also thought it was my period starting early (a week early!!) and was really, really disappointed. When the bleeding never became as heavy as my period I realised something else was going on.

brettgirl2 Wed 31-Dec-08 17:11:26

Mine lasted until about 11 weeks (or at least that was what EPU said the cause of my spotting was!)

louisesh Tue 06-Jan-09 12:35:52

Hi ALL did your implantation bleeding consist of any fresh blood loss? I had a MMC in oct 08 then 1 long AF in Nov , then 1 normal AF on 17th Dec .Think i ovulated around 27th Dec BD 25th and 27th Dec then 3 days ago had intermittent loss of pink and brown discharge.That stopped yesterday then a fresh blood discharge enough to mark a pantyliner today!!!

Orginally thought was implantation bleed but now not sure if AF? Af due around the 12th of jan.

Any ideas?

HeinzSight Tue 06-Jan-09 12:43:14

With this pregnancy I had 4 days implantation spotting, first day was red, then the other three were brown, wasn't even enough to need a panty liner

Have you tested louisesh? Although it may still be a bit early.

I tested on first day of (what I now know was) implantation bleeding, got BFN, thought it was AF, tested again four days later and got BFP

sandcastles Tue 06-Jan-09 12:46:38

Nothing with either pregnancy.

louisesh Tue 06-Jan-09 12:47:04

HI yes have tested up to today all BFN [obviously!!!] aware may be a bit early kind of convincing myself this is going to be AF now.

Its just soo frustrating not knowing!!!!

guinness18 Sun 09-Nov-14 21:18:27

I'm just hoping to hear your experiences, especially those who have had red implantation bleeding or other bleeding early in their pregnancies! smile
On 28th October the condom split, hence no real protection.. I was due to come on my period on 2nd November but it was a no show.
I've had a few pregnancy symptoms, as well as just feeling pregnant which I've never had before! Today I started bleeding, it is red (brown at first) and more than spotting but no where near as much as I usually get even on the first day of my period.
I don't know if it's a late, light period or heavy implantation bleeding.
Would appreciate any stories or advice you have to offer! Please help!
Ps sorry for long post xx

middles809 Mon 10-Nov-14 07:19:17

How long are your cycles normally? To be honest I think it's unlikely to be implantation bleeding as you usually ovulate around 14 days before AF is due (obviously that's dependent on the length of your cycle).

I could be wrong. The best thing to do is just see what happens over the next day or two.

sheena76 Tue 11-Nov-14 11:50:45

Hi can anyone help me please ?I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago then ovulated 2 weeks after and a week after I ovulated a had slight bleedinf which is not enough to fill a pad ?I been experiencing lightheadedness ,frequent urination and vivid dreams ,could I be pregnant ?xxx

Jenandjay2010 Wed 08-Jul-15 10:36:03

I've had miscarriage March 22ND about 4 weeks. Had sharp pain left below belly button about 2 1/2 week ago and now been having thick brown bleeding not heavy for about 6-7 days. Don't know what's going on is it late period implantation what?? With my period I'm normally heavy and in agony this is mild and light ( about 10 pence worth each day on pad and some when I wipe) no other symptoms normally have sore boob's with period. Belly a bit tender to touch but docs seen that and was fine about it saying was hormones. Last took test 23 rd june I think. Sharp pain was 26th and 28th . Started whatever this bleed is on the 1st July later on. Please help!!!

Lolzaa97 Wed 01-Feb-17 11:25:05

Hi, I've been really confused these past few days, my period was due on the 19th and on the 29th I had light bleeding, but I wiped and then nothing else came for a few hours and this has continued for four days now. The blood has been pink, red and brownish. My periods are normally really heavy. I did a pt two days ago and it came back negative, me and my partner have been trying for a baby, but now I'm starting to get disheartened 😔 as far as I'm concerned I haven't had a period last month. Should pi test again in a few days? What does everyone think is going on? Could this just be a really light period? 😔

cj84 Mon 26-Jun-17 21:26:53

I know this is an old post but i scrolled through so many of these when i was looking for answers so i thought i would share my experience as you only really know for sure that its implantation spotting after you get your bfp but it might be helpful for someone else on what to be aware of. My last period began on May 26th, that was my first break through bleed from coming off the pill so not technically a period but still. I had sex on the 11th and 13th of the month, i always had 30-32 day cycles before the pill so i just guessed it would still be similar. I started spotting about 6 days ago, mabye last Wednesday or Thursday. I have never had implantation spotting with either of my sons but this was very strange, it stayed for 5 days and was so different to a period, its how i knew i had conceived before my bfp. Mine was very light basically only when i wiped, never turned red or pink was brown and never got any heavier then it went away itself. I had cramps one day it was really bad. I got a very faint positive last Friday and pregnant 2-3 weeks on a digital today. Theres a search on google i cant remember what its called but if you put in all your info it tells you the day implantation would occur for you based on cycle length etc and mine was spot on to the day that it started so might be worth a try. The biggest difference apart from the colour for me was the flow it never get any heavier like a period does so anyway hope this helps somebody smile

katagirl3000 Thu 05-Jul-18 05:55:41

Wow, this thread is 10 years old! But I'll add my experience anyway. I've been having many pregnancy symptoms: vomitting, nausea, running to the bathroom every half hour, crazy heightened sense of smell.....but no part of me thought it was pregnancy. I just thought I had the stomach flu because I haven't been able to get pregnant for 7 years. Well the other day, I saw very light spotting when I wiped myself. I then thought....could this be implantation bleeding. So the next day, I took a pregnancy test and wow, it was positive. I haven't seen a positive test in over 7 years. I'm a little scared of the light spotting (which has been going on for 2.5 days), to turn into a period. But so far, it hasn't. Your stories have given me hope. I will retake the test tomorrow. P.s. I haven't been able to keep any food down all week. I've lost 12 lbs in 8 days. This is the weirdest experience ever. I just hope it ends with me having a baby!

SamLillie83 Sat 15-Sep-18 22:44:16

Hi, @Katagirl3000. Your message is encouraging! Did you end up being pregnant? I share your experience of never even getting a faint positive. Hubby and I have been TTC for about 2.5 years, although I must say we've probably missed a few windows due to travel and life getting in the way. My last cycle was completely off, spotted very very faintly from Monday to Thursday (literally 1 spot a day) then Friday was like the flood gates were lifted *TMI!! literally seeing bright red blood throughout with very minimal cramping and then on Sunday I constantly experienced clots around the size of a dime, Sunday next to nothing, and then nothing on Monday, come Tuesday I started spotting again, and only stopped yesterday. I really don't see the point in testing but I do feel that a couple of things are off. Ahh the joys of AF (not)... Sending baby dust your way.

Singlemommy3 Fri 21-Sep-18 02:59:45

I'm in a confused situation. I was ovulating on August 29 and had unprotected sex. He "pulled out" but not sure if he got out fast enough. Lol. I started out spotting on the 13 of September. It got heavier as the day went but only for the day and it wasn't as heavy or dark as my normal period but it was enough to change 2 tampons. Then on the 14th it went to pink spotting. Got heavier only during that night but not heavy enough to fill a pad. I spotted the 15th as well. Then nothing. Could this have been implantation bleeding??

M4r1456 Thu 04-Oct-18 15:59:59

Hi sorry to open up an old thread. I really need help here. I thought my periods were about to start. I came off the pill in August. And beginning of Septmeber had my period as normal. Now after 3 weeks I thought I starte my periods again but this time my cramps were very mild compared to my usual menstrual cramps theyr severe abdominal cramps. I stared getting mild cramps on Monday when I went to the loo and wiped I saw bronwish discharge then I use a pad. Later that night my period colour changed to black (it was groooss) the perish was very stretchy and very dark black. The next day (Tuesday) the colour of the period changed to brown then light pink / red. Then Wednesday I had a dark red blood I thought to my self I'm on my periods. But after a bit of research on google It said blac/brown discharge could indicate implantation bleeding. Last week I did got it was negative I did one today it was also negative. Im also getting throbbing pain in my right side breast on/off. And abdominal cramps. Cn anyone help me here guys . sad and sorry for opening up a lm old thread. I'm just so confused. Not been to a nurse yet

M4r1456 Thu 04-Oct-18 16:01:05

** sorry the misspelling my phone is playing up confused

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