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2009 WILL be our year!!! Bring on the BFP's

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chubbymummy Tue 30-Dec-08 22:47:01

After spending the first half of 2008 ttc I experiencing brief joy by becoming pregnant in August only to experience complete and utter heartbreak when I miscarried in October. I got straight back on the baby dancing wagon but 2008 obviously wasn't my year. I have also recently found out that I have polycystic ovaries.
Is it too early to give santa my christmas list for next year in order to give him plenty of time to prepare? It's very short, all I want is a beautiful bouncing baby!
To all you ladies out there who are ttc, fingers crossed 2009 will be our year!

dingdongDOZYMAREishigh Tue 30-Dec-08 22:54:39

This time last year, I was told my chances of concieving naturally were less than 2% due to PCOS and underactive thyroid..........I am now the very proud mother of a beautiful 8 week old daughter....there is hope and fingers crossed and baby dust to you all trying......

chubby Presume you are following a PCOS led diet and are well versed concerning verity????

Good luck smile

chubbymummy Tue 30-Dec-08 23:07:28

dingdong Firstly congratulations on your little miracle! To be honest I know very little about PCOS and have never met Verity! My doctor basically told me that PCOS is very common and that my surgery don't routeenly prescribe anything for it. I was told to come back after 3 miscarriages in a row but that they wouldn't really do anything then either as I already have a DS (aged 3.6). When I asked if there was anything I could do myself I was told to loose weight (okay so I am overweight!!). I tried googling it and didn't get very much of any use on there either.

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