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Has anyone heard from Wishing?

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LJ29 Sun 28-Dec-08 12:41:02


PuzzleRocks Mon 29-Dec-08 11:00:25


LJ29 Tue 30-Dec-08 15:27:03

bump again!

Issy42 Tue 30-Dec-08 15:53:36

The last post I saw from her was a few weeks ago - said she wanted a break from MN and not to worry.

Sunnydale Tue 30-Dec-08 21:32:52

I just searched for her but no recent posts. How you doing, Issy? I've joined the September thread but am I right in thinking you won't be joining me there? Hope all is well with you anyhow, keep in touch x

yellowflowers Tue 30-Dec-08 23:28:30

Hi everyone - not seen you on our thread for a while - here it is if you want to return thread

Issy42 Wed 31-Dec-08 00:24:04

Hi Sunnydale - how are you doing?

No, haven't joined Sept - very frustrating as am probably ov'ing right now. Ah well, the clinic was closed all week so wouldn't have been able to have IUI anyway. Perhaps I should seduce someone tomorrow night just in case, lol - just joking grin - my morals are too high for that (which is a shame as I'm staying at my ex's). I got the forms to complete for new clinic today for IVF. Haven't filled them in yet - mainly because said ex has been messing with my head a little lately, he's been 'confused' about me, but today has reverted back to being sure he doesn't love me, which makes things simpler I suppose. Also have to put down unavailable dates and waiting to find out when my grandma's funeral will be (she died last Saturday sad but looks like funeral won't be for a 2-3 weeks).

Hi yellowflowers - don't think I was ever on that thread but I recognise a lot of names.

yellowflowers Wed 31-Dec-08 11:56:35

you'd all be welcome - the more friendly people the better.x

Sunnydale Fri 02-Jan-09 17:11:23

No I wasn't on that thread either, seems a nice one but it does my head in to be on too many so will stick with September's I think. Sorry to hear your ex is messing with your head, Issy. Men, eh. Better off without them (although their sperm is quite useful, lol) Yellowflowers we were both on the August thread I think. Hope all well with you - I'm just starting the 2ww again. Hey-ho

Issy42 Fri 02-Jan-09 18:28:47

Lol Sunnydale - as you saw I wasn't such a good girl, but I really did think I ov'd Tuesday until today! Seems like we'll be on 2ww together, although I doubt I'll have a BFP from one BD a little early. I just posted the IVF forms as found out funeral is on 22nd.

Thanks for the invite yellowflowers - I might join the thread once the IVF gets going and I'm properly ttc again.

Good luck!

Wishing Fri 30-Jan-09 15:48:41

Hello Ladies

I am here was looking for everyone and found this thread

How are we all?? Thanks you so much for thinking of me!! After the week im having this has really helped me to find this thread, where are you all??


Issy42 Fri 30-Jan-09 18:11:17

Hi Wishing. I'm here. How are you?

Ilovebeingamummy Fri 30-Jan-09 19:42:42

HI Wishing

How are you doing??

After 2nd mc in Dec I convinced myself i was pg last cycle and then af arrived exactly on time. Everyone we know seems to be giving birth or announcing pregnancies which is not helping.

Think I ovulated beginning of week and bd fri mon tues wed so hoping that was enough and the right time!! ... now starting the dreaded 2ww...

Take care x

Wishing Sat 31-Jan-09 12:12:31

Hey Izzy, how are you lovely to hear from you!! Tying to catch up on how your doing from all the threads so sorry if ive missed bits! How are you doing now??

Hey Lovebeingamuumy!! How are you, i sent you some mesages in dec, gald you seem really positive and i have everything crossed for you this month!! Ive been really down this week but just starting to pick myself up and try get ppositive, waiting again for af!! Mine seems to be adamant to play tricks on me over the last few months!!
keep in touch xx


Issy42 Sat 31-Jan-09 15:31:10

Wishing - can't believe your body is being so mean to you again! Can you get your gp to refer you for some scans next month so you have some idea of what is going on?

I'm in limbo land waiting for IVF. Can't have treatment until April, which seems ages away. Asked the ex if he would help me out in the meantime (since he said he felt indifferent about the fact that I didn't get pg from our NYE encounter). He did seem like he was going to and came round to talk about it last week, but then decided he couldn't cope with there being a child in his life that he knew was his and not knowing how he would feel about it. But then being a man he wanted to have sex anyway [need a cheeky emoticon], and I had raging mid-cycle sex drive blush, so went ahead using the withdrawal method (I had +ve OPK that day but it's just too heartbreaking using a condom), so my glimmer for this month is that a little bit of sperm may have slipped out early. Not enough to make me behave as though pg though - fed up of not exercising, gardening, drinking for 2 weeks every month and it's so unlikely think I may as week just act as though not.

Speaking of gardening, my tulips are coming through and really need to move the weeds out of the way for them, so best go now.

Hi ILBAM - good luck for the 2ww and apologies for the tmi on my sex life.

Wishing Sat 31-Jan-09 15:42:25

Hey izzy! what a typical man! dont worry about the tmi, we all need to get it off our chests from time to time! Fingers crossed a wee bit of sperm slipped out but its typical that when you wishing it did it didnt!! Marl my words if you had been 15 and not really knowing what you doing or wanting a bean it probably would have!!

April does seem a long way away but it will fly, feb is a really short month after all so try not be too dispondent (Sp?)

Anyway i started cleaning like mad today, went out and got all new cleaning products etc and got all stocked up came home started cleaning but feel awful so packed it in!!

gues my bout of energy didnt last long!! I wish they would develope a test that we could pee on to see if af is coming, or we could look inside our bodies to see if we can see whats going on!! this is all just a huge waiting game!!


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