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high estrogen and fertility

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beanieb Sun 28-Dec-08 12:38:52

I have been usung a fertility monitor for several months now and have always had a 'peak' reading at some point. For a while it was as late as CD 17 but I was getting them at CD 11-13 for a while.

This month I have had 'high' readings for about 20 days and am nearing the end of my cycle with no sign of a peak or a low and the monitor is still asking for me to .

According to the booklet this probably means I have not ovulated this month but I am wondering, in terms of fertility, can a high estrogen level be a bad thing? I'm 38.

Any help or advice appreciated.

I am going for my first fertility consultation in January so am sure they will have info and advice for me then but in the meantime I'd like to be armed with as much info as possible so I know what questions to ask.


beanieb Sun 28-Dec-08 12:42:26

Oh - and also I have been getting thrush a lot. I was prescribed something for it last cycle but it has reappeared this cycle. Is this estrogen related?

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