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TTC success !! thought id share a bit if info!!

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festivedollyx Mon 22-Dec-08 14:45:30

Hi all i had been on the ttc thread as (broodmom) we had been ttc for over a year with 2 mc & 2 dds.I am "overweight" (always have been!)so not "ideal" pregnancy material well according to nhs!!! hmm

I had been charting my cycle every month and my cycles went like 33,36,40,33,35,39,34,36 days and lasted 3 sometimes 5 days long and always very very light(from what i charted)

I am now 23 weeks pregnant my last Af was 22nd june (it was really just streaky mucus sorry tmi) blush but according to the dr and baby scan i got pg on 29th July! which meant i got pregnant on day 38 of my cycle!! i have had 3 scans now and all confirm the baby is the correct size for these dates i cant get my head around it as it does not tie with any fertile signs i had or anything!! i have a diary of cervical signs etc i had kept and when i get the time i will post it on for others to read.

I just wanted to share this, i read every possible bit of info i could when ttc and its interesting to me how late i seem to have concieved, makes me wonder how long the cycle was going to be!

My due date is 21st April according to scan dates, if i went by lmp it would be 29th March so we will see when the baby is born!!!!!!!!!

terrier141 Mon 22-Dec-08 14:50:22

Hooray festivedollyx !! Thats amazing - congratulations, hope all goes well! Basically then we should just keep shagging all month (my dh will love this ttc plan!) xx

yellowflowers Mon 22-Dec-08 16:23:44

thanks for this - so easy to get carried away with charting etc so good to have a reminder that sometimes it happens when you least expect it. Hope your pregnancy continues smoothly.

Also I am overweight - a generous size 20, so good to know other overweight women do conceive.

festivedollyx Mon 22-Dec-08 21:43:51

Aww thanks lol (yes def keep it up wink all month)xx terrier

Yellowflowers i was obsessed with charting honest! and the cycle i got pg i was about to give up!! Im a 20 on top (mahoosive boobs blush )and 18 on bottom, so it does happen xxxx

Comma2 Mon 22-Dec-08 23:19:47

Sometimes there can be more than one ovulation in a cycle-- especially with "older" gals, as in 30 and up. It never hurts to keep trying!

beanieb Mon 22-Dec-08 23:23:22

Was the cycle you got pregnant in really long then? Ie you conceived on day 38 and your period was 2 weeks 'late'? Or did you have what you thought was a period in between day 38 and when you got the positive?

festivedollyx Wed 24-Dec-08 00:09:37

period never came so i dont know when it would have been!

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