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Can anyone recommend an ovulation prediction kit?

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Joeymac Sun 21-Dec-08 22:30:03

There seems to be a few different types on the market and I'm unsure as to whether to buy the clear blue wee sticks for about £20 a month or invest in one of these £70 jobs i.e. persona? (I think) It's totally confusing - basically trying to pinpont when I'm ovulating (duh!) as my cycle is so erratic.

TheBlonde Mon 22-Dec-08 02:49:13

have you looked at the cheapie OPKs on ebay?

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 22-Dec-08 07:44:29

If your cycle is erratic then it is no point at all in using these kits. You are more likely to be not ovulating regularly if at all if your cycle is irregular.

You are better off having blood tests done to see what your hormone levels are like. If the cycle is irregular these can be done according to calendar days i.e the 3rd and 21st of the month.

Picante Mon 22-Dec-08 07:55:36 - really cheap so you could take a test every day of the month! Agree with Attila tho.

Thandeka Mon 22-Dec-08 09:18:57

Depends how irreglar- mine varies between 28 and 36 days and I use persona with no problems (although very occasionally its testing window will miss my ovulation as you have to take 8 tests a month most in a row). My ovulation day varies between day 14 (once in 11 months) and day 21 and seems to average day 20 so I need to use a kit else I would go mad from all the sex!

Persona is brilliant and I got mine secondhand on ebay for £30 and then get the tests in bulk from ebay/boots when they are on 3 for 2. The box of tests are cheaper than the clearblue monitor so that is worth thinking about.
(but remember it is about preventing pregnancy so you will get lots of red days meaning dont have sex which arent necessarily fertile days (as it errs on side of caution)- the clearblue monitor will tell you fertile days)

Also using the single use ovulation predictors some women get confused with the results as its down to user interpretation- I like persona because it analyses the result for me so I don't need to squint and be all "is it a faint line? Am I ovulating? etc etc.

Thandeka Mon 22-Dec-08 09:19:56

If you have a cycle over 35days though it says you can't use persona- but the odd cycle over 35days doesn't matter too much so long as that isnt often.

Joeymac Mon 22-Dec-08 20:37:30

I've got two lovely bubs already - both boys. Before DS1, my cycle could be about 35-56 days and I got tested at GP who confirmed I was ovulating during that period. I must have been very flukey as got pregnant within about 2 months of trying. After him cycle got more regular - about 4-7 weeks and I worked out I averaged about 34 days and had lots of sex within a ten day window when I thought I could be ovulating. Again pregnant within 2 months so very lucky. Both times I'd anticipated it could take me a couple of years cos of my weird cycle.

Despite having 2 beautiful sons I would love to concieve a girl (indulgent I know)and I've been reading that I need to be careful about when I conceive i.e. not within 5 days of ovulating or I'll probably have another boy (whom I stress I would dearly regardless of his sex). It's cos my cycle is so erratic that I'd like to try and get as specific as possible on when I'm ovulating. I plan to do the temperature taking and watching out for cervical mucus too but I wanted a belt and braces approach with an effective ovulation kit too.

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