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Does mid pain mean you're about to ovulate or have already?

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rubberplant Thu 18-Dec-08 10:53:02

Sorry a bit clueless on this one. Have realised that pain I get mid cycle is probably mid pain although I only ever get it on my left hand side.

Picante Thu 18-Dec-08 10:53:40

Yes I only get it on one side. For me it's 2 or 3 days before I ovulate but I'm sure it varies.

ilovemcdreamy Fri 19-Dec-08 19:47:08

It does vary - some women get it before ovulation, some at the moment of ovulation itself and some for the day or two after ovulation.

JingleJools Fri 19-Dec-08 22:19:22

Interesting - I'd always thought the pain was at egg release but you've got me wondering now....

When I got a BFP (that lasted almost 12 weeks ), I'd had OV pains at 7pm, BD at around 10pm and then I had OV pains the next morning aswell ...

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