Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking clomid?

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Hopingforbabyno2 Sun 07-Dec-08 19:21:27

Hi, I'm taking Clomid and having IUI, I have a work Xmas party on Friday and was wondering whether Alcohol will affect my chances of it working? I will be day 10 on Friday... Thanks for any advice

choudeBruxelles Sun 07-Dec-08 19:44:08

I don't think alcohol affects clomid. I drank while taking it and got pregnant.

If i were you i'd have a adrinnk and a good time at the party - it's stressful enough TTC.

Hulababy Sun 07-Dec-08 19:45:09

I am at the end of month 5 on Clomid and ave still drank whilst using it. Consultant did not say to avoid.

Hopingforbabyno2 Sun 07-Dec-08 20:00:56

Thanks for your advice, I think I will have a drink :-) We've been TTC for over 3 years now and I'm fed up of putting my life on hold, cheers everyone ;-)

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