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ttc no 2 for 3 yrs, anyone with same or advice

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dizzy36 Mon 21-Mar-05 15:11:11

Hello, started trying 7/2002, took a yr but finally got preg Aug/2003. I lost my baby at 21 wks and have been desperate to conceive ever since. started trying almost straight away but still no joy. GP wouldn't do anything until tried for a year which was up in Feb. got an apptment in April for inital tests (scan etc). Getting nervous that they might find something wrong even though thats what am trying to find out! could something be wrong even though been preg twice? Also, about 6 months after m/c periods started to get a bit irregular (26/27 days) when always been an on the dot 28 day person. Not the same as usual either-doesn't start properly (red) for a couple of days. Last period even weirder, only bled properly for 1 day and then just light dark red/brown for next 3/4 days - worried about endo but no other symptoms - thought was implantation bleeding at first - should I see GP before appntment at fertility clinic or am I over reacting? sorry to sound so pathetic but am 36 and the wait is starting to get to me especially since surrounded by pregnant friends

bayleaf Thu 24-Mar-05 21:40:24

I have a dreadful ttc history - 3 miscarriages before dd then 3 years ttc no 2 - we discoverd the reason - dh's sprem had just stopped swimming - but it took a private test to find that out - the nhs assured us they were fine!
We then did 7 lots of ivf/ICSI - great response - lots of good embryos - but no positive - until I tried Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Then out of the blue at nearly 41 I'm pregnant again. The stuff about your periods makes me especially think they might be able to help. I got my practioner from the website of Chinese medical herbalists I think it's - but I'll go and check!
Good luck

dizzy36 Fri 01-Apr-05 14:53:33

congrats on your pregnancy bayleaf. My dh had his swimmers tested and found that although count was above average and motility good rate of abnormal was 86%! my gp said that the norm was 85% which seems particularly high, I have read webites where its says that the norm abnormal rate is 40%. My GP said that should still be able to get pregnant. Now that we are going for fertility tests (next wk) she says its likely that it is his swimmers that is the problem. Is anyone else having problems conceiving because of dh swimmers - I'm confused that we can get preg twice, albeit took us a year last time, and now it looks like may not happen for us naturally. Is that just bad luck or is it normal for my dh to become subfertile (he has a child from a previous as well so hes's fathered 3 times). would appreicate any comments

expatinscotland Fri 01-Apr-05 14:55:24

I second accupuncture. It certainly worked for me!

dizzy36 Fri 01-Apr-05 14:58:20

congrats on pregancy bayleaf. My dh had tests on his swimmers and found that count above average, motility fine but abnormal was 86%. gp said norm was 85% which I thought was a bit high. apparently we could still get pregnant just had to try harder! now that going for tests (next week) gp says likely that problem is with dh swimmers. I am confused though - how can we get pregnant twice, albeit last time took a year, and now looking like dh could be subfertile (he also has a child from previous rel. so fathered 3 times). is this quite common or just bad luck. would appreciate any comments

chezie Sat 16-Apr-05 18:44:10

I had same problem as you... ad 1st baby no problem then took 15 months to get pregnant again. m/c at 6 wks. Dr was great and refered us to gynocologist. We couldnt get IVF free coz we already had 1 son, so gyno advised we see a fertility nurse he worked with at local hospital. We used Clomid and got pregnant on 2nd cycle but m/c at 5wks. Tried again... got pregnant on 2nd cycle again and had daily heparin injections to prevent another m/c and also took 75mg asprin daily and now we have 2 beautiful little boys... 4 1/2 yrs and 11 months. DONT GIVE UP. Your gynocoligist should be able to help before you ave to think about IVF.

Twiglett Sat 16-Apr-05 19:18:06

have you charted? write down first day of period, when you ovulate (OPK) and when you have sex - you will need to do this for 3 months for consultant to check anyway

and yes definitely insist on a referral

dizzy36 Thu 28-Apr-05 17:29:03

looks like its not dh swimmers after all. Its me! infection after m.c last year has left me with a poss. blocked fallopian tube I have been told today (showed up on an internal scan). could even be both. getting it confirmed in a couple of wks with an x-ray. apparently could still get pg with one blocked tube but if both blocked will have to look at IVF. Am so very disappointed and upset about it. Have tried to be positive in the past but really hard after this latest news, the fact that I might not be able to have anymore babies is really scary and hard to get my head round.

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