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Is exercise risky when TTC cautiously?

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george32 Mon 21-Mar-05 13:47:40

Following on from lots of comfort eating over the last few months I want (& need!) to get back in the gym.
I'm just a bit worried that it might not be the best thing to do when TTC, esp after earlier m/c.
Anyone any ideas on whether the gym & running can cause any additional risk of m/c should I happen to get p/g?

mummytosteven Mon 21-Mar-05 13:51:37

well first of all, is there a sympathetic GP/practice nurse you could have a chat to about it?

otherwise I'ld say it was a case of taking things gently first of all, swimming and walking being the ideal exercise if you're starting from scratch. otherwise I guess I would defo avoid weights, and try to avoid getting overheated (which again swimming is ideal for) I think cycling and running are okay when PG, but you'ld want to take it very gradually.

romilly Mon 21-Mar-05 14:20:59

hi george - in answer to mummytoseven's advice, i did actually ask my gp (first time when i was 4.5 weeks pg) about exercise and would i have to curb my gym addiction. he replied, rather glibly i thought - oh some women are running, playing tennis and doing aerobics up until the last few weeks. so i went away under the impression that i could still do my usual routine . of course i've since found out that is rubbish, theres loads of things you absolutely mustn't do (like lying on your back for too long etc.) but i would love to know if this applies to the early weeks as well? i have a horrible feeling that the answer will be - everything in moderation.

sweetheart Mon 21-Mar-05 14:35:51

The gym I visit encourange pregnant women to keep going during their pregnancy.

I have given the details of my m/c to my trainer and my work out is modified to strenghen important areas without over doing it. I have to tell them as soon as I know I'm pregnant again so that they can adapt my workout to suit.

They believe the benefits of keeping fit and healthy during your pregnancy out weigh the risks.

Any decent gym should offer the same service - if they don't they are just dangerous!!!!

Anchovy Mon 21-Mar-05 14:38:48

I was in training for a 10k when I found I was pregnant with DD (sounds grander than it was - running a couple of times a week, and finding it all really hard going). Doctor wasn't keen on me doing this, although this was because the 10k would involve me in quite a lot more effort than usual and he mentioned my age - 38 at the time. He did say though if I was 28 and a better runner he would specifically FORCE me to do it (and that was pretty much the only reference he has ever made to my age).

My obstetrician told me that she had a client who ran the London marathon at 20 weeks (eeek!) but that was someone who was an experienced marathon runner.

I saw my personal trainer every week to about 32 weeks. She said no abs work at all, and changed me from running to power walking (fast, with hand weights and uphill on treadmill) but everything else pretty much the same, tapering down gently from about 27 weeks.

Overall, I think the message is that you shouldn't do more than you were doing pre-pregnancy, you have to be slightly more careful if you are older and I think its really worth speaking to a trainer in your gym to see what they recommend. At mine, even if you are not doing personal training they will talk it through with you and recommend a programme or similar.

george32 Mon 21-Mar-05 15:48:57

Thanks everyone.
Sounds like the advice is to back off a bit if I find out I'm p/g.
It's a good idea to talk to the trainers at the gym. Sounds daft but I never really think of discussing things with them as they are all about half my age and I guess I prefer to remain anonymous!
Anchovy, I'm curious, did you do the 10k in the end or follow the doctors advice?

Anchovy Mon 21-Mar-05 16:24:51

Erm - you have MEDICAL ADVICE not to carry on running, getting sweaty, hot and cross but to swan about taking things a bit more gently....what do you think?

Actually, I did try again after DD was born and ran my first 10k when she was about 8 months old (and I had a C-section!). She's now nearly 18 months and I've done 4!

george32 Mon 21-Mar-05 16:38:21

LOL Anchovy .
Well done for the 10ks.
Think I will keep running until a BFP. Running for the 2 wks between ov & testing surely won't hurt will it or is that critical time??

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