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lh, fsh, TSH, Oestradiol levels im confused! am i premenopause?

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jlm1980 Mon 01-Dec-08 21:30:47

Hello everyone
am getting so confused about blood test results, have had irregular periods and weight gain for a year and hoping for baby soon so went to gp.
as cycle irregular took random sample although as it happens had a bleed 7days after sample taken so would make it a 21day test (if going backward!)
My TSH is 4.5 (my lab uses 6 as the upper limit but does anyone else think i should push to have it repeated as some labs have lower limits for hypothyroid)

LH is 0.5 does that seem a bit low? is low significant everywhere seems to talk about high LH

FSH 1.0 (is that low for day 21?)

do these results mean i havent ovulated this month. I have tried ovulation tests for months and always get a negative by the way.

my oestradiol is 470 according to the lab result this puts me in 'pre-menopausal' range.
should i be worried sick about this? I am only 28. have not yet seen the GP to discuss as having a breastscan soon so was going to see to discuss all at once.
has anyone had similar results or do you know significance?? My gp needed a nudge to test me as in the first place as had only been off pill for a year and she thought it was acceptable to have hardly any periods.
any advice would be great
good luck and happy december to you all!

londonlottie Mon 01-Dec-08 21:49:47

Message withdrawn

jlm1980 Mon 01-Dec-08 22:05:04

hi thanks for getting back to me
I dont think i was tested for progesterone which is a shame i will have to ask about that when i see the doctor. did also test testosterone but that result doesnt seem to have come back. i wondered if i had pcos pre the results but i guess cos FSH and LH so low regardless of where in cycle made me think it was unlikely. Although i have read somewhere it when oestradiol is high it suppresses FSH, but then have also seen somewhere else on line it is not that relevant! so much to try and understand.
thanks for your input


TheBlonde Mon 01-Dec-08 22:07:58

I would expect treatment for a TSH of 4.5
That could explain your weight gain
If your GP won't treat then ask for a referral to an endocrinologist

Can't comment on the other tests sorry

jlm1980 Mon 01-Dec-08 22:16:20

thanks theblonde - are you thinking of UK levels.(i am in uk) its weird ive got my lab print out which suggests normal range is 0.2 - 6.00 miu/L it is only when i got on net i saw the different levels which made me think.


TheBlonde Mon 01-Dec-08 22:19:58

I am in the UK and although that's the norm range it doesn't mean you shouldn't be treated

The US now recommend treatment for TSH>3

dharma Tue 02-Dec-08 19:28:56

Hey jlm1980, the day 21 test is, as far as I am aware, mainly used to test progesterone to see if ovulation has occurred, so try to get that result from them if you can...

High FSH is the one to worry about , so yours appears fine, although it's best to test FSH on day 2,3 or 4

Hope that helps...

lizziebeth Tue 02-Dec-08 19:41:50

My endocrinologist says you should have a TSH level of between 0.5 - 2 for trying to conceive so I would definitely ask for a referral from your GP on that one.

If you weren't trying, your TSH would otherwise be considered normal in the UK(although probably not in the States)

My FSH was very similar to yours on Day 21 and I was told this was good/normal. But as others have said, it should be checked on day 3 for true accuracy.

You really need your progesterone checking on the next cycle day 21 to know if you ovulated properly.

tamta Sat 04-Dec-10 10:00:38

Hi ladies
My blood test results were as below. I have PCOS and it was taken on day 68, I have a very irregular periods, was taking clomid but didnt ovulate. Now waiting for IVF. Do the results tell you anything? i started taking AC and worried now, as I read at Zita Wests book, it lowers FSH and increases Lh, and in my case its already abnormal

Estradiol 286

FSH 5.3

LH 20.1

Progestorine 1.9

Prolactine 215

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