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Ignoring the LIES, DAMNED LIES, and STATISTICS: Fiesty & Fabulous 40+ers TTC

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xserialshopper Thu 27-Nov-08 17:08:20

Open to all 40+ers TTC.

We're friendly - not cliquey (sp?) and would love to know you{smile]

xserialshopper Thu 27-Nov-08 17:12:16


grownupbabes Thu 27-Nov-08 17:22:17

Hi again! Would have been nice if new thread was an omen, but no... hello Fiesty and Fabs, and hello AF sad.
Another month starts here.

FertilityFiend Thu 27-Nov-08 17:52:29

Thanks for the new thread xserial - love the title and the caps emphasis grin

oh bummer grownup sad grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Put your feet up and indulge in some serious carbs, crap telly and booze (or whatever else you feel like indulging in) xx

My stats (for the stats list) are

Fertility Fiend - age 43, ttc #2 (is there more info we should add?)

grownupbabes Thu 27-Nov-08 19:19:01

I'm having a glass of wine (or 3) in front of the fire.
My stats:
grownupbabes - age 44 (only just!!); ttc#3 (with a 16 yr age gap grin); probably bonkers.

rhetorician Thu 27-Nov-08 19:25:18

great title xserial - where you lead, we follow...about to head into my 'fertile' (allegedly) period (can't help thinking if it's supposed to be so fecking fertile then why is nothing happening angry?) Sorry about AF grownupbabes but hope wine is nice.

For the record

rhetorician - 42, ttc # 1

sussexoldspot Thu 27-Nov-08 19:33:30

Oh no, grownup, bad news re AF sad. I'm having a tequila sunrise in your namegrin

Do you mind if we have a list and also add where everyone is? I'm really interested to know, sorry if being nosey...

Fertility Fiend - age 43, ttc #2
grownupbabes - age 44 (only just!!), ttc#3
rhetorician - age 42, ttc #1
sussexoldspot - age 41, ttc #2 - eastern East Sussex

sussexoldspot Thu 27-Nov-08 19:34:46

... maybe we should be Fausty and Fabulous? I'm ready to sell whatever it takes for a baby!

xserialshopper Thu 27-Nov-08 19:39:23

Ok Feisty & Fabulous Lovlies, here are the stats


Juicylucy 41
MGMidget 43
Giggly 41
Bobbybits 45
Rowingboat 42 TTC #2
Sussex Old Spot 41 ttc#2
Rhetorician 42 ttc#1
Xserialshopper 41 ttc#2
Roquefortlover 41 ttc#4
Tabitha8 43 ttc#1
Jassara 41 ttc#3
Fruitbowl 40 TTC #2
Fifitot 45
Kiwikat 42, ttc#2
Gem2mum 45, ttc 3
FertilityFiend 43 ttc #2
Gonepearshaped ttc #2
Grownupbabes 44 ttc#3

TTC but Long Time No See

Loubers 39
Missytabitha 41
Hant 41 ttc no2
Msdynamo 44
Belgianbun 40
Peasoup 41
Saree1113 41
Curlylox 41


Heron22 41
Georgially 41
Minmooch 41
Ladymac 45
BroodyBroodyBroody 40
Cece 41
Daisy5 41
Herbaceous 42
Lilibet 46

MC but not forgotten

Little Fruitbowl
Litle Jassara
Little SussexOd Spot
Little Roquefortlover

sussexoldspot Thu 27-Nov-08 19:44:47

Aww, love the MC but not forgotten, xserial, that's lovely.

Just had a nose on Knicker Checkers and Herb's doing fine - will go back and send her our love smile

xserialshopper Thu 27-Nov-08 20:06:56


MC but not forgotten

Little Fruitbowlsad
Litle Jassarasad
Little SussexOd Spotsad
Little Roquefortloversad
Little Katie & Anna (Minmooch)sad

herbaceous Thu 27-Nov-08 22:36:35

Hello my lovely feisty ladies! Sussex told me you were wondering about me, so here I am. I wonder about you too, and pop in for a quick lurk now and then.

Without wishing to tempt fate, all appears to be well. Coming up to 10 weeks, still sore boobs, feel a bit cack, have brain capacity of pot of yoghurt. Doesn't stop me dreading my gusset every time I go to the lav, though. Been at this stage three times before, and it's still gone wrong, so pray for me ladies, if you're the religious types.

But if I can do it, so can you all! I recommend a dirty weekend away, and booking IVF.

rhetorician Fri 28-Nov-08 00:36:52

I think you forgot tabitha on the BFP, assuming that all is still well with her....

sussexoldspot Fri 28-Nov-08 10:11:38

Yippee, herb!

I dream of a dirty weekend away in a back street hotel in Paris, mmmmmm (floats away into reverie.......)

Booking IVF? (crashes back down to earth)


herbaceous Fri 28-Nov-08 11:29:45

I was waiting for AF, or Wipe of Doom, to start so I could start the drugs, before going on hol to New York (go, go, go...) but she never came.

rowingboat Fri 28-Nov-08 14:26:09

Thanks for the new thread Xserial!! I like the new heading, and we may win a prize for longest thread title.
Hi Herb, everything crossed that you get to 40 weeks and healthy baby.
Hi Rhet - another month another dollar! Not sure why that sprang to mind, sorry!
We could all put money into a pot for each unsuccessful month, so at least we can all go shopping to cheer ourselves. shock

sussexoldspot Fri 28-Nov-08 15:14:33

Hullo, rowing*!

which drugs were you due to start? My Consultant is talking about clomid, but we're looking at £1500 for a course (gulp)

Tabitha8 Fri 28-Nov-08 16:08:24

Found you all! I think that's why I need a child - to show me how to use computers! Sometimes I'm frightened to post in case I tempt fate. Little Tab still in there; she's now 11 weeks from conception. Had nuchal scan which brought her Down Syndrome stat from 1 in 36 due solely to my advanced age, to 1 in 177. Blood tests due in a few days' time that will add further information. To amnio or not to amnio - that is my question.
Still taking the Aspirin - is there anyone out there who thinks it pure co-incidence that I lose 3 when not on Aspirin and that number four gets past 11 weeks when I am on Aspirin? I don't know the answer to that.
Now I think we need a joke, so here goes:
Q - should I stop having children at 40?
A - of course you should; how absolutely ridiculous; 40 is more than enough children.

xserialshopper Fri 28-Nov-08 17:03:32

Ok Tabitha hint takenwink


Heron22 41
Georgially 41
Ladymac 45
BroodyBroodyBroody 40
Cece 41
Daisy5 41
Herbaceous 42
Lilibet 46
Tabitha8 43

I soooooooooo want to add all our names to this list

Herbs I'd love a dirty weekend in the Bahamasgrin Could try for a dirty weekend at home - but doesn't seem quite the samegrin

Could the following lurkers update us pleasesmile

Loubers 39
Missytabitha 41
Hant 41 ttc no2
Msdynamo 44
Belgianbun 40
Peasoup 41
Saree1113 41
Curlylox 41

Fertility Fiend haven't seen any of your posts lately - howya doing?

Rowing what did you decide to do in the end now that dh doesn't want to go 'abroad'?

Fifitot you've gone quiet on ussmile

fifitot Fri 28-Nov-08 21:39:54

No I'm still here! Havae had 3 days of BDing and hoping will ov tonight so don't have to do it yet again tomorrow!

Unfortunately have got a nipple infection (!) - am an EBFer and have antibiotics but not sure if can take them or not........

Plus drinking a glass of red wine tonight but will be my last for the 2ww.

Just waiting and hoping. Good luck to all of you for this month. Would be nice to get BFPs before 2009.

FertilityFiend Fri 28-Nov-08 23:21:14

Hi all - hope everyone's okay. I'm still here too, just been a bit rubbish at posting recently.

Think I ov'd 2 days ago (FF yet to confirm) - bd'd the two days before ov so in theory (ha) am in with a chance. 2WW madness is well and truly taking hold already, of course... Will catch up properly soon xxx

rowingboat Sat 29-Nov-08 12:39:26

Hi all,
don't worry about not posting, everyone has posting holidays when things get busy.
It's day 23 for us.
I have just received back a letter from the passport office - I forgot to put a cheque in. blush
Bit worried about the times scales for Hungary and feel I am rushing things. Don't have a passport yet and still have to have a new FSH test done. I think I will email the doctor there and ask if I can go in January.
My local clinic has given us an appointment with the IVF clinic for the 5th January - the same day as the second opinion on the hsg. The nurse there is so lovely and is going to phone if an IVF appointment comes up between now and Christmas (oops said the 'C' word, sorry about that).
That's great news about little tab, those aspirins could be doing the trick for you!
Not sure about the amnio - was the nuchal fold thickened or what actual scan fine?
I hope they offer counselling about this, because it sounds very stressful to me.
I hope baby tab is AOK whatever happens.
Who was being prescribed CLOMID - Sussex? I meant to say that it looked a hefty price. Have you looked on any of the UK pharmacies online, they are often cheaper? Is the clomid for your DH? I have heard of men being prescribed to improve their swimmers.

FertilityFiend Sat 29-Nov-08 12:55:09

Meant to say - thanks for the impressively researched list xserial, wow! smile

Sussex - so sorry to hear about the test results, what a shock for you both sad Still, sounds as though all is not lost, and I'm sure sperm counts can vary from month to month according to all sorts of factors (which I'm sure you have looked into) - is there a chance that the count may improve? Good that you have got the ball rolling on tests anyway, fingers crossed for you xx

Welcome Bobbybits, sorry to hear about the difficult times you've had sad

Hi Herb - love the New York story grin Hope everything goes swimmingly smoothly for you now smile

Sending productive bd'ing vibes to you Rhet!

Good luck with your decision making Rowing - any news?

Hi to MGMidget and Juicy smile

Sure I haven't got round everyone yet but I'll carry on a bit more when DH isn't lurking wink Better get on and do frigging Christmas cards then <bah humbug>

rhetorician Sat 29-Nov-08 13:18:57

thanks for the vibes ff - need all the help I can get! Will keep you posted..

herbaceous Sat 29-Nov-08 16:48:50

Sussex - I was about to start down-regging drugs for IVF, but no show aunt flo.

new York is a weird one. 18 months ago I was about to fly to NYC, and discovered I was pregnant. Then again this October. The last one ended in miscarriage - let's hope it's won't have the same effect this time...

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