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What happens after Clomid?

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greet Thu 27-Nov-08 16:39:56

Hi All, After just discovering that cycle 5 out of 6 on Clomid has NOT been a success I just wondered whether anyone can let me know what to expect next. Do they give you another 6 months worth? IVF? Any ideas.

Am so so so so so so gutted. CAn anyone give me some light at the end of the tunnel?

pinkie08 Thu 27-Nov-08 16:50:45

Hi Greet

i am sorry sad that af has caught you at the end of this cycle. I am on my 3rd clomid cycle out of a prescription of 4 and was wondering the same thing. AF is due for me in 10 days so agessss yet to go but also feel quite despondent.

I have read afew times that girls have got pg on the cycle after they ended the clomid cycles. so am holding on to that if i get nowhere.

I believe that you can have another set of clomid cycles but not sure what the gap has to be in between them.

I really hope your next cycle is your month.

TattyCatty Thu 27-Nov-08 16:55:44

Have you had any investigations into why you are finding it difficult to conceive? After I'd had around 6 cycles of Clomid with no results (didn't even make me ovulate, let alone get me pregnant) I was referred for IVF, but actually ended up having IUI with ovulation induction instead. This was basically around 10 days of Menopur injections, with regular scans to see if I had any follicles developing, then an HcG trigger shot once I had no more than 3 good size follicles. I then had IUI the following day to "maximise my chances" (the consultant's words - not mine!). I conceived DD on my second cycle of IUI. Good luck and try to keep positive.

greet Thu 27-Nov-08 17:02:43

We've had some investigations and were both ok. My husband is fine and I have been ovulating but had very lengthy cycles making it difficult to guess when I would ovulate. They gave me follicle scans and I could see the follicles ready and the right size to 'spring' so that seemed to be OK

Was put on Clomid to make ovulation more regular and my OV test have been positive every month apart from this one.

If you don't mind me asking, why did you go for the IUI in the end?

Thanks so much for your kind words. Brought a tear to my eye (everything is today!), but certainly helps. xx

Tigerschick Thu 27-Nov-08 17:04:47

I had 5 unsuccessful cycles of Clomid - like TattyCatty, I didn't even ovulate.
I was then put onto Menopur injections. I had 2 cycles of those also with no ovulation.
I've now had 3 cycles of Puregon injections. I ovulated on the third cycle but didn't get pg. I'm now having a 'blank cycle' as my specialist calls it, to see if the drugs have kick-started my system.

I think that it depends on your cicumstances ... but the important thing to remember is that Clomid is not the end of the road.

Really good luck smile

TattyCatty Thu 27-Nov-08 17:15:55

We were advised to go for IUI rather than IVF because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so the issue was absolutely about ovulation rather than any problem with my tubes, and it is far less invasive. I've no doubt that we would have moved onto IVF if we hadn't have been so fortunate to conceive so quickly once we started with IUI.

I had also had 2 operations known as Ovarian Drilling before we were referred for IUI, but they didn't work unfortunately. I had also been taking Metformin which helps to tackle the issue of insulin resistance associated with PCOS which adds to the whole hormone imbalance.

If you are ovulating regularly (which is very encouraging!), they might chose to try an HcG trigger shot with Clomid as your next step to get the timing absolutely right. I think (from memory) that the number of Clomid cycles you have depends on the strength that they have been using. Certainly I was under the NHS consultant for around 14 months before I had the IUI (went private for it as this was just before guaranteed NHS treatment) and apart from a couple of 2 month gaps for the operations and recovery I seemed to be on Clomid most months. They finally admitted defeat after giving me the maximum strength with follicle scans and there still being diddly squat!

Feel free to ask away - I remember exactly how frustrating it is and how you think you'll never get there.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 27-Nov-08 18:16:24


Usually they will move onto other forms of treatment now as clomid resistance can and does happen. Would think they'll be looking at injectible drugs next (puregon or some such drug of that type) to see if that helps with ovulation.

If you have very lengthy cycles then the chances are you were not ovulating regularly if at all (hence the clomid). It should not be given to women unless there is definitive proof ovulation is not happening.

Was there any sign on the ultrasound of polycystic ovaries? (these are multiple follicles on the ovaries).

softandcaring Sat 24-Jan-09 16:14:50

my gyno wont even try me on Clomid, due to a low sperm count. he refered me to go spraight to ivf,
so it depends where in the uk you are!
but appartly we will have two go's at ivf and if nothing becomes of it! then it wasn,t ment to be!
i think in your case they will now pass it on to ivf!
i hope you are sucessful
as we all know how hard it is!
hopefull i will get a letter anyday now, it seams like forever waiting!

pinkie08 Sun 25-Jan-09 15:26:27

Hi all,

I was given another months supply of clomid as the 4 didnt work and during this cycle we have been for scans and tests at the fertility clinic. We get results and direction we are going to take tomorrow am also due in next couple of days so who knows.

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