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Bucky2008 Wed 19-Nov-08 08:56:32

OK, so how about we start of on a positive...grin.

I bought the test.

I did the test.

BFP grin.

Job done. wink

MrsHappy Wed 19-Nov-08 09:05:25

HOLY SHIT. grinshockgrin
I'm really pleased for you. Yay!
This new thread really is lucky.

MrsHappy Wed 19-Nov-08 09:12:55

(But when the rest of you get your BFPs, please don't all go off and leave me...)

JollyBear Wed 19-Nov-08 09:13:23

Oh my goodness!!! grin grin grin

Bucky that is FANTASTIC news!

Madoldbird Wed 19-Nov-08 09:40:08


I am shock shock shock and
grin grin grin grin grin grin

I'm sitting here laughing and crying!

What d'you know, you went off, became "yourself" again and bingo grin

Absolutely over the moon.

MrsH No-one's leaving you here, i'm sure. I for one will be on this thread until the last person shuts the door and we turn the light out.

PicknMix Wed 19-Nov-08 10:47:17

Oh. My. Fecking. God.

Bucky you lovely lovely lady I am soooo happy for you gringringrin

Seriously, I'm grinning from ear to ear for you!! Congrats chick, you really deserve it!

Caitni Wed 19-Nov-08 10:48:50

BUCKY CONGRATS!! OMG OMG OMG I'm so happy for you! Am sat on the train to work grinning like a loon!!

This is the luckiest start to a new thread we could have hoped for...

Will check in properly when I'm in the office x x

MrsHappy Wed 19-Nov-08 10:57:08

Am still grinning like an idiot about our TWO BFPS!

I'm also starting to wonder whether there is merit in the Theory of Pregnativity, or whether my ridiculous French skiing instructor had a point when he told 14 year old Mademoiselle Happi (moi) to "relax and you will arrive"...

HappyandEiknowit Wed 19-Nov-08 11:01:25

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!gringringrin
bucky i am soooo amazed and happy for yougrin jesus mary and joseph i have just literally laughed out loud!!gringrin congratulations hun it is meant to begrin
sooooo mrsH there will be at least me left in here with you dear considering AF arrivedn this morning so that ghost line was just that...i think there is a fault on the asda own brand tests as my friend also did another test and had exactly the same thing happen to herhmm ah well onwards and upwaards to cycle 13 i gosmile
hello to everyone elsegrin
xx ei xx

HappyandEiknowit Wed 19-Nov-08 11:04:38

mrsH what dya mean 2 BFPs?? does that mean what i think it means??????????????gringrin
xx ei xx

MrsHappy Wed 19-Nov-08 11:07:41

Nonononono- I meant MOB's BFP.
I am most definitely bean-less.
Sorry your period showed up Ei. On the upside, we will be cycle buddies once more. smile

PicknMix Wed 19-Nov-08 11:23:41

Proper catch up now! Wanted to post my congrats asap when I read Bucky's news!

Congratulations again Bucky - now if you wouldn't mind getting your bean to give my bean a helping hand with some directions as surely they will have been shanging out together all this time!?

MrsH, I'm sorry to hear period arrived sad. How are you feeling this morning? Re your hsg, well done for booking it and am understanding your nervousness (I am the same). However, according to my little fact sheet that the hospital gave me "it is advisable to ensure you have someone to drive you home after the procedure....and to have a relaxed afternoon planned to recover" so am not sure whether you need to check if you can just go straight to work afterwards? I'm not trying to panic you but forewarned is forearmed, no? Although you went back to work after your lap thingy (apologies, can never remember the name of it!) earlier then expected so your pain threshold is prob a lot higher than mine (I am rather pathetic!).

How are you doing Caitni? Any sign yet???

Ei, sad for you too. Blimmin Asda giving false hope to you and your friend. Big higs chicken x

How are you feeling MOB? When will you tell your DC about the new Moblet (can we steal that from Mibbes?? Maybe not actually...perhaps its a MYB (Mad Young Bird) or a MOC (Mad Old Chick) - can you tell I'm not the best at naming things? Hence why the duck on the pond outside my house is called Mrs White Duck [can you guess what colour she is???])

I'm supposed to be getting on with house work but tis such a lovely day, would be a shame to waste it shut inside, might walk down to the farm shop and buy some lovely things for supper!

HappyandEiknowit Wed 19-Nov-08 11:35:41

well at least thats something thensmile i couldnt think of a better cycle buddysmile
and MOBs BFP is now old news and she is just a preggo nowgrinwink only joshin the news just keeps getting better and better grin im preparing for the double celebration of your scan MOBwink
xx ei xx

Caitni Wed 19-Nov-08 11:51:35

Proper catch up time for me too!

Bucky I am still so delighted with your news. Between you and MOB I am just so happy. It's great to have such good news as we start a new thread grin.

I'm also so glad that it was the "old Bucky" that got preggers IYKWIM. And just one bd too. It's just so meant to be!!

Ei oh honey, so sorry that AF arrived sad. Was so hoping that it would turn into good news for you. Still, here's to a lucky number 13 (see the law of pregnativity means cycle 13 is very very lucky [caitni nods sagely]).

MrsH don't you worry, no one's going to be left here alone (except possibly for me at the rate I'm going hmm). I'm thinking I may have to pinch "relax and you will arrive" as my new mantra (especially after Bucky's example smile).

MOB well PnM's come up with a choice of great names for your bean. I'm liking Moblet (a lovely echo of Mibbes' Miblet smile).

PnM I was chuckling at your name thing, as I'm v similar (lord alone knows what I'll be like when we finally get our baby wink). Am v jealous of your possible trip to the farm shop. Though do have a work lunch to look forward to today smile.

Well, my temp had dropped right down to below my coverline but annoyingly haven't actually started yet. Am sure it'll show up soon though. Felt a slight bit of a fraud saying I was on CD 1 at the clinic this morning, but figure that since my temp is down and I'm really expecting it any minute it shouldn't impact on the results (or if my results are a bit off, then I'll explain to the doc and do this whole thing again next month hmm).

I must say that, with all the good news around here recently, I'm feeling quite positive about this cycle smile (I think it's cycle 14 for me, but have kind of stopped counting...). And good to have Ei and MrsH as cycle buddies smile.

SparklyPseudonym Wed 19-Nov-08 12:07:32

I still have a peak in here from time to time and I am over the moon for you - what a way to start a new thread. Sending you so many sticky vibes. CONGRATULATIONS!
Sparkly x

mibbes Wed 19-Nov-08 13:13:22

BUUUUCCKKYYY This is the best news EVER !!!! I am sooooo pleased for you grin grin grin grin grin grin gringringrin grin

You have so proved the theory that the relaxed approach really does work, so go on ladies have a few vinos/G&Ts and let your hair down - it is proven to improve fertility grin

So mum-to-be Bucky, how did you tell DP ? Tell all about doing the test and breaking the news ! What will we call the bean - Bucklet / mini-Buck ?.... Ooohhh an so excited for you !

Bucky2008 Wed 19-Nov-08 15:11:34

Aw, thanks girlies. grin

I will write properly when I get home later, so just a quick one as super busy at work.

Just goes to show you all the FA, healthy eating, accupuncture, reflexology, OPKs, temping, bding every other day and other general pro BFP things can't beat a bit of Mothers Ruin, racing round stations in disabled buggies and sneaking the odd fag LOL.

It was a CB digital test with the week indicator thing. And came up 'pregnant' pretty quickly and not even with FMU! shock.

Told DP over the phone as did the test in work toilet. blush. He is really happy...lets hope this one sticks!

Sorry this is all about me...Ei and MrsH I will hang around too if that is OK? I feel a bit weird this time round. I even had a cigarette yesterday thinking AF had more of that now! Its not really sunk in, I feel quite numb.

07mumstheword Wed 19-Nov-08 15:20:15

I'm just catching shock what absolutely fantastic news Bucky I couldn't be happier you so deserve your BFP! Many many congrats! grin

And MOB I have only skim read but huge congratulations to you too. grin

Freya is doing well she is 6 weeks old today it seems like a lot of crying/screaming/sleepless nights at the moment but we are all fine. smile

I hope you are all ok sorry for not posting personally to you lovely ladies I do keep an eye on you all and hoping to hear of some more BFP's very soon wink smile

Caitni Wed 19-Nov-08 15:27:33

Oh bucky I'm still beaming from your news. The result flashing up so quickly with not even FMU is a really good sign that this bean will stick (though will obviously be keeping everything crossed til you're out of the woods smile). Bet your DP is over the moon!! I think I'll be adding Mother's Ruin to the whole ttc arsenal of vits etc wink.

MrsHappy Wed 19-Nov-08 19:38:34

Bucky you must hang around for a bit or else. With any luck before too long we'll all be on a "HIMBNMWWA" (Here is my baby, nothing much was wrong after all) ante natal thread together!

Actually, now I come to think of it my second ep was conceived in a month when I went on two enormous (for me) moscow mule fuelled benders. Clearly alcohol contains something that makes beans stick! No fags though - must try that next time and maybe bean will actually make it to the right place!! wink

I am naming the latest BFPs "Bucklette" and "The Chick". So they're not the best names ever, but I am sticking with them... grin

MTW I can't believe it has been 6 weeks already. Am glad Freya is well and am sending her "sleeping at night" vibes. smile

Picknmix Thanks for letting me know what you've been told. If I feel rubbish after the HSG I will probably head home, but things are a bit difficult at work right now (am in the city) so being there whenever I can is a good idea. I have just read that the HSG is extra painful when you only have one tube. Oh great. Am going to take a wide selection of pain meds before I go!

Hi to everyone I haven't mentioned even though I lurve you. Hope all is well and see you later. I am off to have some Fertility Wine(TM) now...

Bucky2008 Wed 19-Nov-08 20:45:33

Ah, home now. I was supposed to out on the lash tonight but am already at a loss for excuses. How do you go from crazy lush to pure vessel overnight? hmm. And I have another one on Friday? blush, not to mention Christmas parties...ah well. I know which one I would rather...I am just dreading all the excuses I have to make, it is going to be SO obvious!

So, now for a bit of attention to the rest of you my lovelies.

PnM Bean informs me he/she gave very very clear instructions before he/she left to your bean. He/She said she would be right along soon wink. PMSL at the white duck, very inventive indeed.

Ei Stupid ASDA!!! Hey I'll be in your neck of the woods tomorrow, aren't you up North somewhere? I'm off to Leeds tomorrow! Lets hope 13 is your lucky number. This time round has taken me 26 months...geez no wonder everyone is dumbfounded, that is really ridiculous shock.

MOB If this bean of mine sticks we can go on our journey together now [higs]. I am so happy for you too, it will be great to have company, especially as we have 'known' each other for AGES now wink.

Caitni poppet, I keep meaning to email you about lunch. I have your email address here, and will get round to it soon. I am meeting GG on Friday, maybe you could join us? And fingers crossed TEW does not turn up...if she does get to the gin wink. Dr Bucky recommends, a crap diet...(coffee for breakfast, a cigarette for lunch and stale old Burger King burger after a night on the lash...grin)I'm joking...kind of...hee hee. I don't really smoke but I have been so stressed at work. My company made people redundant and we have had to take the workload. Can't complain but stress stress stress. So, the coffee for breakfast and cigarette for lunch has been true for a few weeks now. I made sure it never went up to more than one a day shock. What with that and the excessive exercise to get rid of the anxiety I have lost 11 lbs and I was only 9st 4lbs to being with!

Jollybear, 07MTW, Sparkly and my special Mibbseyeelcatcher thank you so much for your kind words. I bet you all nearly fainted with shock. I nearly threw up just waiting for the stupid result to come up. My heart was beating so hard it nearly came out my mouth. Glad to hear Freya is growing into a big strong girl and that the Miblet and Jollycub are hiccuping their way into the world smile.

Saving the best for last wink....MrsH, sorry you have to have the horrid HSG. I do hope they put your mind at rest and get things sorted. Take it easy too, I know what you mean about having to show up at work, its like that around my office too. But your health is most important so see how you feel hey? [higs]

Obviously anyone who is around for lunch on Friday is more than welcome, let me know.

Well. DP is super happy. We have kind of decided not to dwell on the news too much. My MC was really bad and I don't think I will deal with anything like that again particularly well given how long it has taken to get to this point again. So we have decided to try not to focus on it too much until we are past the risky stage. So, I'm staying here if that is OK. I don't really want to leave, like, EVER because you are my little cyber family blush.


Bucky2008 Wed 19-Nov-08 20:46:18

wow, bit long...soz blush.

Bucky2008 Wed 19-Nov-08 20:46:33

wow, bit long...soz blush.

Madoldbird Wed 19-Nov-08 21:11:20

Bucky am still grinning madly for you grin grin. Glad to hear the result came up good and quick. I know what you mean about having a "sober" christmas - it's just struck me that i will be having the same (so worth it, though) It will be lovely to go through this with you. Give my love to GG when you see her on friday. If she is still starting the ivf in january and wants to chat about it, then let me know. i still have her email address somewhere. I can understand that you and DP don't want to think too far ahead ATM, but i hope you are both having a lovely evening, and enjoying this exciting day.

EI So sorry to hear it is now cycle 13 for you. sad Stupid ASDA angry Hope you are ok.

Caitni sorry as well to hear your temp has dropped sad. Good to hear you have got your blood test done though. I'm sure it won't matter if you are a day out. When is your appt at the drs to look at yours & DH's results?

PnM Am liking moblet grin The DCs know already - we told them just before we started the ivf - as they are 11 & 12 we thought they may well pick up that something was going on, so best to tell them. That way we could leave clinic paperwork around, i could inject myself etc without having to worry. They are very excited, and i think it is going to be a long few months for them. Did you get some lovely things from the farm shop?

MTW lovely to hear from you. I'm glad Freya is doing well. I'm sure she'll settle into a routine soon.

MrsH Am liking "the chick" as well... we'll have to have votes! Hope you are doing ok and that you are enjoying your fertility wine!!

I am away at a conference tomorrow and friday, so won't be around (a sober conference for me shock). Have a good couple of days and see you all soon. XXX

Caitni Thu 20-Nov-08 14:39:10

hi ladies

Bucky hope work isn't too stressful at the moment and shock at your weight loss! I'm back on a healthy eating kick, but only cos if I don't then I'll be the size of a house by Christmas winkgrin. And I did have a smidgen of [fertility] wine at lunch yesterday smile. 'Fraid I'll have to pass on lunch this Friday - have a colleague's birthday lunch - but give my love to GG!

MOB happy conferencing smile. Hope you have a good time ducking all the drinking opportunities there wink

MrsH that sounds pretty stressful about the HSG. I really hope it's not too painful for you (and that if it is, then you can head home for the afternoon!).

07MTW sorry, I missed your post when I last posted so a big HELLO to you and little Freya grin. Unbelievable how quickly time's passing hmm but glad to hear that things are going well smile.

And <<waves>> to everyone not mentioned by name, work is a bit busy today.

So CD2 for me today, and worked out that this is actually the start of cycle 15 sad. Strangely, despite having a bit of a cry last night, am feeling OK about it smile. It'll hopefully be our turn soon and I don't want to waste energy feeling down when there's Christmas to look forward to (I love Christmas!).

And I need to make the appointment to see the GP to get results at some point next week. Would you believe I've never had to get test results back before so have no idea if you can just phone up and get them or not blush. Still, would be good to chat to the doc anyway so I guess I'll just book in and see him...

caitni x

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