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debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 12:46:20

Hello again well ive still not come on since my last period on the 12th feb 05 if you can remember the other thread I started is that I had had a light bleed for 2 days only on the 12th to 14th feb 05. I then started to get dizzy spells and very tired with the felling of coming down with the flu which I didnt get .Then because of these feelings my hubby and i decided to do a test on the 3rd march which came back negative,so i thought that was the end of that. then my nipples started to twinge and my boobs were painful around the sides that has now gone.I also had a very thick white string like discharge (sorry) the other day. I have now not got painful boobs as i normally do (always) And i have not come on my period as i normally do but have crampy like pain in my back im weeing constantly and its got a lot stronger i also feel like i could kill somebody ( of which i normally feel week b4 my period)i have never been late if anything early and i have got a lot of indigestion which i never get!! COULD I JUST COULD I BE PREGNANT?? ps i have been tested at the docs for water infe ction 2 weeks ago and it was clear.

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 12:51:59

Message withdrawn

donnie Sun 13-Mar-05 13:02:21

sounds like you may well be. I owuld test again.

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:04:43

I could im scared though.Cant take the disappointment.

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:06:05

Does it honestly sound like i could be or am i going mad?

MissGalway Sun 13-Mar-05 13:13:11

My urine in the moring was always very yellow when I was pregnant. TMI i know. Test again. I know its hard and you may be disappointed but then again you will never know until you test again. Good Luck lots of positive vibes heading your way.

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:17:05

But would i experience period like cramps in my back wich ive had for 3 days normally have them for a day then come on

MissGalway Sun 13-Mar-05 13:22:33

that I don't know. Everyone is different though.

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 13:23:39

Message withdrawn

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:24:14

Thank you.xx Just looke on another web site and that says the discharge could be a mucus plug what ever that is.

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:25:17

But i did test on the 3rd and that was negative(smile)

MissGalway Sun 13-Mar-05 13:26:51

Isn't there such a thing as false negatives?

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 13:27:33

Message withdrawn

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:27:54

Really is there?

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:29:21

Beetroot not got ant children just my 2 dogs (bassett hounds) been trying since may last year just booked to go on hols to cuba end of may too.

MissGalway Sun 13-Mar-05 13:30:23

debbsy put yourself and me out of your misery and test. Its the only way to know for sure.

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:31:23

Ha ha ha Miss Galway you have just really made me chuckle thank you.

MissGalway Sun 13-Mar-05 13:32:02

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 13:32:45

Message withdrawn

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:34:23

I havent i used my last one the other week hubby doesnt want me to buy anymoredoesnt like seeing me upset.

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 13:36:12

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 13:37:05

Message withdrawn

debbsy Sun 13-Mar-05 13:37:10

so am i late yet do you go from the 1st day of your last period or your last i get confused with it all.

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 13:38:20

Message withdrawn

MissGalway Sun 13-Mar-05 13:39:07

ist day

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