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How soon can you test for BFP?

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MisHap Sat 12-Mar-05 17:50:09

if you had been careless once? (only once)

Nemo1977 Sat 12-Mar-05 17:51:11

usually around 10 days after ov but depends on ur test. Some pick up 10ml of hormone but others pick up 25.

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 00:55:55

Thanks Nemo. No idea when i ovulate as i'm still bf. Hard to say how much of a risk it was, therefore.

How long should i leave it before testing and which tests pick up 10ml?

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 09:54:58


munnzieb Sun 13-Mar-05 09:57:45

well the early responce tests say 4 days b4 ur missed period. u can get tests thou (I have from ebay) which are 7-10 DPO.

where r u in ur cycle? do u know if ur late or not?

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 10:07:16

Still bf, so it's impossible to tell. I think therefore that i'm not likely to have conceived but DH commented on my recent craving for Coca-Cola which tends to happen when i'm pregnant. He's got me worried now. I just want to be able to rule it out.

golds Sun 13-Mar-05 10:26:34

How long ago were you careless ?

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 10:34:14

2 weeks ago

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 10:35:04

2 weeks is too soon for symptoms though isn't it?

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 11:34:51


mummytosteven Sun 13-Mar-05 11:36:35

possibly not too early for symptoms. I think since it's two weeks after the mishap, you could probably test now, using an early test - if you get a BFN, I would test again in a week or two, and if still a BFN then just forget it.

golds Sun 13-Mar-05 11:39:40

So in theory, if you were having periods at the moment, it would be arriving quite soon, I think if it was me, I would wait a further week and then test, but thats easier said than done when your anxious to know. Good luck, how would you feel if you were ?

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 11:56:59

wouldn't be great timing - we're very busy atm. surely without a cycle its unlikely i've ovulated anyway. thanks everyone - i'll test in a week or so.

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