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wrong to ttc at 40 with a prev downs pregnancy??

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dizzy36 Tue 04-Nov-08 12:40:15

Hi, some of you might remember be on ttc thread.

I am now 40 and have 2 children. 8 year gap as ttc 2nd for 6 years. During those 6 years lost a baby that had Downs. Promised myself after my beautiful ds was born (she is now 5 mnths) that I would not risk trying for another. I was 35 when I lost my 2nd child and obviously the chance of it happening again increases because of my age. But I'm feeling really broody!!

Plse be honest, am I being greedy? I am so thankful to have two wonderful healthy children, should I risk another baby that might have problems.

arena Tue 04-Nov-08 13:02:24

Hi dizzy no you are not being greedy, and im am sorry for your loss. I used to think the way your thinking now, i have a child with special needs, i was 32 when i had him, im now 37 and at the moment i am going through a miscarriage, this is my second time im miscarrying.

When i had him, i said to myself that i would never have anymore, but hey you always cope with what you are given, and it does'nt mean it will happen to you again, but as you know the chances our more high as you get older. But if thats would you want then go for it, only you know what you can cope with.


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