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Could I be pregnant?

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mellymole Mon 03-Nov-08 13:57:40

I realise nobody has the answer to this but it's on my mind and just wondered what anybody else thought... dh and I were merrily on the job last weekend ('scuse me) when i realised i had completely forgotten to take the pill for the last 5 days - and it was the first 5 pills of the pack. it's not like me at all, i'm usually really neurotic about these things, just can't believe i've done it. a few days later, i had weird period-type pains in my lower abdomen. wondering if i could be pregnant... of course, it is a possibility - does anybody else think these aches were a sign? i have one ds aged 20 months.... thanks x

SquidgyBrain Mon 03-Nov-08 14:49:26


Im not totally up on the pill having never taken it - but if you are on the 21 day type you would have not taken it from about day 6 of your cycle - so from day 6 to day 10? which is a tad early for ovualtion for most women (but of course sperm can survive for 7 days) I would say the lower abdomen pains would have nothing to do with a pregnancy if you are indeed pregnant. So no I don't think that it is a sign.

So yes there is a chance that you could end up pregnant - but really it is too early to tell.

TotalChaos Mon 03-Nov-08 14:51:58

Squidy - pill cycle isn't the same as ordinary cycle - worst pills to miss are the first 7 days - as if you have longer than a 7 day break between packets then you are at risk of ovulating and potentially becoming PG. The period type pains may well be nothing - but since you have missed 5 pills at the start of the packet I would definitely do a PG test in a fortnight or so, even if you still get a bleed at the end of the packet.

SquidgyBrain Mon 03-Nov-08 14:52:11

Oh have also been told by a friend that you should take 2 packs consecutively with no break if you miss pills - but you might want to check the info leaflet that came with the pills, or chat to your GP

mellymole Mon 03-Nov-08 15:02:47

Thanks ladies, I guess I just needed to talk to somebody. Would love to have another baby (and time is somewhat limited since I'm almost 37) but we are in such an awful state financially, it would be terrible timing. I guess it's in the lap of the gods!

SquidgyBrain Mon 03-Nov-08 16:08:43

Hope that it works out for you Mellymole - sorry about the duff information -thankfully TotalChaos could help out

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