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pregnancy after sterilisation, reversal of sterilisation

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zachmaxruby Mon 03-Nov-08 10:55:02

Hi there.
This is my 1st time of speaking on here.
Just wondering if anyone has successfully had a sterilisation reversed?
Had my op about 2.5 years ago, we decided that we didn't want anymore kids.(3 kids, 2 step-kids).
Now changed my mind, and DH is also keen to have another.
Keep trying in the hope that I am one of the 1/200 who conceive after sterilisation, but I obviously aren't sad.
Now looking into reversal, tho seems so expensive. The other, slightly cheaper, option is IVF, tho not sure if I fancy twins/triplets!
Any advice?? smile

SquidgyBrain Mon 03-Nov-08 12:31:31


with IVF you always have the option of only transfering one embryo at a time so reducing the risk of twins/triplets to the natural risk you face when TTC of the embryo splitting. So that would be one option of course.

Im guessing you are basing the cost of IVF on one cycle verses the reversal? If this is the case it might be an unrealistic comparison - with both my IVF children they were the 2nd cycle - of course there are people who get lucky and fall on their first cycle, but there are also couples who take 3 or 4 cycles.....

good luck with it

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