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Another negative !

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happyfaceschildcare Wed 29-Oct-08 08:50:40

Just having a little moan and sounding off really, have been ttc since May but had been on that evil depo injection just for a few months prior to this, thought I was doing quite well cos af returned in August and seemed pretty regular month after too and then comes October no af for the whole of this month had really bad pains around my ovaries a couple of weeks ago and now my boobs are so sore keeping me awake at night if I role onto them ouch, I feel sick on and off, more tired, my lower back aches thought I'd cracked it thought I'd been one of the lucky ones able to concieve quicker than a year after depo but no, another negative test. I'm now on cd44 with no sign of af coming and waking up every day with more and more pregnancy signs but I'm not even pregnant this is such a horrible feeling, wouldn't mind suffering the symptoms if there was actually a baby there how can we keep trying if I'm not even moving onto my next cycle ! have a doctors appointment booked for monday but no there isn't anything they'll do cos I've not been off depo for a year yet ! just wanna be normal ! moan over thanks for listening x

LullyMummaOfOne Wed 29-Oct-08 09:57:44

Oh im sorry your feeling so down. for me the whole TTC thing was stressfull and i didnt have the depo injection. Im sure the doctors will shed some light for you, it does seem strange that you have all these signs but a negative test result.

Could you ask the doctor to take blood tests to chech your hornmone levels?

Try to keep positive though and im sure your have a good result soon. Lots of luck

flynn1984 Wed 29-Oct-08 10:51:59

happyfaceschildcare I had been ttc for nearly 2 years, about to go on my last round of clomid. I had a very bloated feeling, sore boobs and just 'felt' pg. I did 2 tests and they came back negative one wednesday and Thursday morning. On the following Sunday (5th Oct) I did another test as af never came and it was a faint positive so I did another 6 within 2 days all positive. I'm now 7 weeks pg.

Reason for telling you this is that your negative could have been a false negative or the test was done too soon. You never know anything can happen like in my case...if AF hasn't arrived in another 5 days I would try again.

Best of luck with ttc!!

happyfaceschildcare Wed 29-Oct-08 13:13:49

O flynn1984 I am so pleased for you congratulations good luck with everything

I am trying not to think about it to much but as I'm sure you know that is easier said then done, I will see what the doctors tests say on Monday I wouldn't mind so much not being pregnant as am kind of expecting it to take a while after the depo thing but it's just all these aches and pains I'm having a baby would make them all worth while especially the heavy sore boobs they're killing me I shall try and keep my chin up tho

Thanks for the kind words and support both of you x

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