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Why has DH gone out?

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PavlovtheWitchesCat Mon 27-Oct-08 21:31:33

OK, this may seem like it is in the wrong topic but I am sure it is not!

A few days ago, DH and I had a conversation which resulted in him saying he wanted another baby, if I did, he did, lets do it, why don't we start in the new year? I said sure, then a couple of days ago said, why not start now? Had a few conversations about boy or girl preferences, how DD might react, how long I might take on maternity leave, nothing serious so I thought.


Now, our sex life is not exactly daily. Or to be honest always weekly. It is sporadic. As you would expect with a toddler who has recently decided to wake at 5:30am, and both parents who work. BUT, when one of us it up for it, we make it clear, and it is often (mostly?) DH who instigates it.

So, if that is the case, why he has been out more this week than in the last month? Why has he fallen asleep before me when we have gone to bed together, when he ALWAYS stays up and listens to his ipod audio books or reads a book while I fall asleep. Why has he ignored my suggling alongside him for half hours this morning, claiming to be asleep?

He says, its you babe, you are imagining it, or you are not interested either, I did not think you were up for it (never stopped him trying to persuade me in the past!! wink)

AND I have not even had my implant out yet!!! I don't want to get the implant taken out and have him think I am only interested in sex for babies. I want us to have our normal sporadic, leaning towards more than sporadic sex life (which, when we have sex it fantastic by the way, just to make that clear) and then, when the implant comes out, a baby will be the product of some love, not just sex ifswim.

I told him this this morning, and this evening. And he has gone out tonight anyway, and he wont be back until late as does not have to work until 12:30pm tomorrow!!!

So...Is he avoiding me, or what!!! shock

MrsHappy Tue 28-Oct-08 07:43:58

Are you sure your expectations haven't changed?
You normally don't have sex very often and he usually instigates sex. So he is used to having sex when he wants (and not when he doesn't). Now you have been trying to instigate sex and are wondering why you haven't had sex in the last few days when previously you described your sex life as "sporadic". It doesn't sound to me like anything much has changed for him but that you are now wanting more sex.

(Also, this week me and my DH have been more sleepy earlier than normal - I think it is something to do with the clocks going back).

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