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What now?

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Fonzie Wed 09-Mar-05 12:07:49

Have just been to the doctor to get results of blood tests to check hormone levels and there was nothing surprising in them. I feel really disappointed now as we have been trying for #2 for 1 year now with no success. I think I may have miscarried at the end of last year but never tested so don't know for definite. My cycle is all over the place - gone from being regular as clock work(30days) to every 40-46 days - and dh is refusing to be referred. Also, the PMT is getting worse and longer each time and I just seem to go from 1 black period to another. I could do with any sort of positive advice or even some sympathy might be nice as all I seem to get from people around me is that it's bound to happen sooner or later. Feeling generally and pissed off.

ebbie22 Wed 09-Mar-05 12:12:45

How did you go about seeing the doctor?

Fonzie Wed 09-Mar-05 12:14:55

It was the same doctor that I have been seeing sice DS1 as she is really sympathetic and is usually willing to stretch the limits given for infertility etc at the local hospital.

ebbie22 Wed 09-Mar-05 12:20:37

I dont have any answers for you,just questions that you have no answers too..
I too have been trying for number 2 for over a year.My pmt is really getting on top of me and my cyles are on time but am only on for a day of proper blood,but so much pain..Did you have trouble concieving your first?

Fonzie Wed 09-Mar-05 12:25:32

#1 was a bit of surprise as had been off the pill for 7 months as it wasn't agreeing with me, and were in the process of moving house and setting up own business. Also, he wasn't really planned for then but is much loved all the same. Are you using anything for PMT? I have just started taking starflower oil to see if that helps. DH is about to sit fellowhip exams for dentistry and so doctor recommended I leave it for a few months until that's all past and that there's a chance our priorities might come back in line.

ebbie22 Wed 09-Mar-05 12:28:51

Have got to go for now,but are you online later hun?

Fonzie Wed 09-Mar-05 12:29:30

Will be back on later this evening as DH out. Are you around then?

ebbie22 Wed 09-Mar-05 19:27:38

r u bk yet?

Twiglett Wed 09-Mar-05 19:47:03

Fonzie .. do you chart your cycle?

Our consultant made us chart for 3 months, plotting day of first period, when I ovulated (using OPKs) and when we had sex just so she could identify any potential problems .. my bloods were normal too.

I must say it was very expensive with the OPKs as it took 2 packets each month but worth it because she immediately identified an issue with the length of my post-luteal phase (time between ovulation and start of period .. it was too short .. less than 10 days) and gave me clomid which meant I conceived first cycle

this was my 2nd child, had no problems conceiving number 1 (was pg within 2 months) but she said your hormones can come down any which way

HTH in some way

Boogiebear Wed 09-Mar-05 19:57:22

Hi, i'm going through the same thing as well, I do not chart my cycles as not sure how too. I have an appt soon at the hospital to hopefully find out why I have miscarried twice

ebbie22 Wed 09-Mar-05 19:58:32

Was that quite recent?Are you trrying for your 1st?

Boogiebear Wed 09-Mar-05 20:09:30

No, i have a DS who is 2 1/2. I M/C in June last year & then in November.I actually had a scan at 6 weeks & saw the baby but at 9 weeks it had died. Found it very hard to cope.

ebbie22 Wed 09-Mar-05 20:11:58

OH god,my thoughts are with you...Although it seems like an eturnity since we have been trying at least i havent had to go thru the heartbreak that yourself and so many have had to go thru...Where do you go from there?

Boogiebear Wed 09-Mar-05 20:42:13

Hopefully the appt at hospital will give me some pointers - I'm just hoping that they don't just say that i've had one so it just a matter of time,then again i'd be scared if they found something wrong!

MeerkatsUnite Thu 10-Mar-05 07:14:38


Would have to say that irregular periods (like yours could now be described) are often caused by hormonal imbalances. I would ask the GP to investigate this possibility further. Something has caused your periods to go awry and I would put money on it that this is a factor. You oguht to be referred to a gynae as well for further evaluation and do not take no for an answer - normally gynaes like to see people after 12 months.

Do you yourself have a copy of the test results and if not do you know what hormones they actually tested?. I ask this as sometimes these results are misinterpreted. What should be done is to compare each hormone level against the other (particularly with LH and FSH as these two are key to ovulation happening or not), rather than just look at them as separate items and they say "well they are within the normal range". If the results are not compared then the test itself has not been done fully correctly.

As for DH refusing to be referred men do feel this particularly. There is widespread confusion between sexual performance, virility, masculinity and subfertility. Infact there is no such connection, and a man's potency is in no way related to his ability to produce sperm.

I would return to your GP and insist that you are referred. I would not temp chart as with irregular periods such things will tell you nothing and just add to the stress of it all.

You will need to be persistant in order to get answers.

Fonzie Thu 10-Mar-05 16:45:25

ebbie, sorry I never got back on again last night - long story. As for the type of tests that were run, they were all hormonal ones and only the progesterone seemed to come in low and even then, that could have been because it was taken at the wrong time due to erratic cycle. GP has recommended that if they remain erratic then she will refer me to gynie in a few months. However, dh is insistent that he will not be referred to anything to do with infertility and so I'm basically in limbo at the moment.

ebbie22 Fri 11-Mar-05 00:02:58

cant talk just now as bed is calling me but will hopefully be on line tomorra xx nite

Fonzie Sat 12-Mar-05 21:51:39

Hurray - dh has changed his mind and is now saying that if it will help find out why cycle is all over the place then he will be referred. Only thing is I'm not sure if it should be gynie or infertility but I'm sure GP will advise.

ebbie22 Thu 17-Mar-05 12:06:14

thats great...I too have jut made appointment for weds morn with my dh...lets hope it gets the ball moving for us both xx

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