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What is day 1 for Clomid?

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Issy42 Sat 25-Oct-08 13:31:05

I'm not sure when to start Clomid as I'm sure last month I got told to take first tablet on second full day of period and not to count the first day unless period started before noon. It started first thing so there was no doubt.

I rang clinic yesterday and got told day 1 is if it starts before 6pm (by the nurse the others all check everything with). Since spotting started just before noon, I'm sure will have full AF before 6pm. Why can't they give you consistent advice?

Any help?

nomoremagnolia Sat 25-Oct-08 22:19:46

GRR! It's maddening to get conflicting advice isn't it?
I always count day 1 as the first day I bleed 'properly' before 6pm (some say 3pm). Spotting doesn't count, I know that. I came on late eve on a Sun, counted Mon as day 1 and started Clomid on Tues, does that help?
Good luck with the Clomid

Issy42 Sun 26-Oct-08 16:26:08

Thanks for the info. I had spotting before noon, full flow when I went to the loo a couple hours later even though nothing on the pad (sorry if TMI - I think it was a bowel movement pushing it out) and got heavy around 6ish. So whichever time I think of it's still not clear for me. Wish I'd pushed the nurse a bit more about the conflicting advice, but I nearly always start either just before bed or first thing in morning. I worked out that starting clomid tonight means treatment likely to be a Friday so think am going to go with that as think probably better to start clomid a little too early than have treatment one day early because of the weekend. But I don't think I'll really make up my mind until I go to bed and have to.

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