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Saz78 Fri 24-Oct-08 10:07:37

Hi to everyone TTC. Im new here, although not new to TTC - been trying since June...never thought it would be so hard, emotional & depressing so ive joined up for some moral support from people going through the same thing. Anyone else find it hard to talk to the other halves about what youre going though? My problem is that i dont want to make it into a big deal (although it is!), if that makes sense smile. Had a chemical pregnancy last month and am now on CD 25 of a 30 day cycle. Since the chemical pregnancy im symptom spotting like mad, even though my cycle seems to be a little irregular - i think im making them up in my head now. Had a bit of cramping earlier on in the week, but thats all stopped now. The way i see it, when it finally does happen, it will make all the heartache of TTC seem irrelevant.

Good luck to everyone.

BBeingpatient Fri 24-Oct-08 18:53:24


sorry to hear of your chem pg, i myself have had a few issues. Had a MC july 2007, whilst also being made redundant!! then settled in new (but farking awful) job and started TTC in march, couldnt periods were irregular, got that Sorted (i think!!) changed jobs, much much happier, and DP and i have just started trying again.

Totally sympathise with everything you said, i dont think partners grasp how much, when we've made up our minds, we want a baby.

Im trying not to obsess about cycle days so dont know where i am but we are GOF'ing like mad ha ha, and i am trying to resist symptom spotting but i have noticed tender boobs lol.

Im currently ttc DC1 what about yourself?

olivo Fri 24-Oct-08 20:14:45

HI Saz,
sorry to hear about your chemical pg. you will find heaps of support here on MN and loads of advice should you want it. I am just embarking on ttc dc2 adn so impatient already!
good luck, i hope you get your bfp soon.

Saz78 Mon 27-Oct-08 09:56:16

Hi Olivio & Being Patient, thanks for your messages of support.

Being Patient - im so sorry to heat about your MC and then redundancy too. You have been through a tough time but it sounds like things are back on track for you. Keep your chin up. Im not too sure about the lingo still, but this will be my first baby when it finally smile happens.

Im so pleased ive signed up and will start ploughing through the other threads for words of wisdom.

I think the evil witch angry is on her way today - staying positive though! ]

Saz xx

LJ29 Mon 27-Oct-08 10:12:42

BBP, how did you manage to get your period regular? Mine are anywhere from 28-40 days with no pattern or predictability at all. makes it very hard to know the right time for BD'ing!

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