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egg donation questions...

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Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Oct-08 11:35:17

Message withdrawn

thaliablogs Thu 23-Oct-08 23:19:08

You need to talk to her clinic, these schemes are run clinic by clinic and have different rules. You will need counselling, lots of tests etc., before they accept you. And of course any children will have the right to know you when they turn 18 (which is one of the things that stops people donating, apparently).

By the way, you could donate your eggs directly to your friend if you wanted to. If she shows up at the clinic with you as a known donor, and you all go through counselling together, there is no reason why not legally. I imagine clinics may have different rules, but the HFEA is fine with it. The woman who writes this blog did this with a friend last year, she now has twins

It is a really lovely thing to do for whoever gets your eggs.

madcows Sat 25-Oct-08 17:18:18

I've been a known donor (for my sister). I don't know anything about the schemes in the UK - but if you want to know about the process of donating you can look at my diary on fertility friends. (Under the name of c l u c k c l u c k). There is also a thread on fertility friends just related to donation, which you might find useful.
good luck!

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