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Wanting to be a mum but worried...

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venusdreamz Tue 08-Mar-05 14:19:37

myself and my partner have been discussing having kids for some time but the trouble is after having a swab taken last week for a vaginal itch, the results came back that I had thrush also group B Strep. I immediately researched it because I'd never heard of it. Consequently my world fell apart when I found that the newborn could die, i was in shock and couldn't stop crying. Is it a good thing that I now know this before getting pregnant? is there any sort of cure etc.? or is it just that while Im in labour I have this IV treatment? please help x x

Meggymoo Tue 08-Mar-05 14:35:57

Message withdrawn

Merlin Tue 08-Mar-05 14:40:49

Venus - my sister found out she had this too. Went on to have my gorgeous little nephew (now nearly 2) with no probs whatsoever. Just think they started giving the antibiotics as soon as she went into labour and everything was fine. Perhaps speak to your GP to put your mind at rest? Good luck with conceiving!!!

psychomum5 Tue 08-Mar-05 14:46:39

Go for it.

You know you have it, so you are lucky compared with many women (not that you have it, the fact that you know). Most of the time, when babys either die, or have problems, it's because the medical staff wouldn't have known. In your case, they do, so you will be able to get the proper treatment as and when you do have a baby.
My BF had it, and she has had three georgous boys since, and all born without problem, cos she was given antibiotics before, during, and after labour, as was the babies after birth.

Mirage Tue 08-Mar-05 19:42:45

I've got it-25% of the population do.Please don't worry-I had a shock when I was told I had it & started a thread on here.So many people reassured me that they had had it too & their babies were fine,that I honestly don't give it a second thought now.My baby is due in 12wks.

I found out I had it when my dd was 15 months,so it is highly likely that I had it when she was born,but will never know now.She was fine.

There isn't a cure,but you will be given IV antibiotics during labour & they will knock it on the head long enough for the baby to be born safely.It is a good thing that you know now-it seems to be the mums that are sadly unaware & don't get the drugs that have babies with problems.

Please don't get upset over it.There is a support group called Group B strep Support & I will try & find the website address for ytou-they are very helpful & can put it into perspective for you.

Good luck concieving.

Tessiebear Tue 08-Mar-05 19:47:43

My friend found out she had it when about to give birth to no.3.... had a totally normal birth, baby fine etc, I think the midwives just need to be aware that you have it. Good luckX

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