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calculating best time to conceive

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browntrout Wed 22-Oct-08 14:21:58

ok am sure this has been asked a million times but im quite rubbish at searching for old threads. please feel free to link if it is easier.
on the basis that i have always had a very regular cycle is it possible to calculate the best dates to conceive as far ahead as Feb 09? Only that we've decided to try for DC2 from about then and we're also planning a holiday! just wondered (a) is possible and (b) how demanding the maths is!
thanks in advance.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 22-Oct-08 14:25:48

Ovulation is not an exact science. A woman can ovulate earlier, later or not at all in ANY given cycle (this equally applies if the cycle is regular too). The supposition therefore that ovulation occurs 14 days before the start of the next period is wrong.

Would suggest you make love when you both feel like it and do not time intercourse whatsoever (this can cause great harm to a relationship).

Go on holiday and forget about any thoughts of it being "ovulation time".

browntrout Wed 22-Oct-08 22:17:10

thanks. if i made it sound like im on a mission then i shouldnt have done. we are entirely happy to leave it to nature and chance and not get stressed by dates etc. it was only it is a special birthday and might have been nice for it to happen then. i would say that the tone of your response was a nice surprise - when i have tentatively dipped a toe into the conception topic threads i have been bamboozled by calculations and acronyms!

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