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drugs and drug names

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capetownroots Mon 20-Oct-08 11:52:49

Hi from a 41-year-old new to mumsnet and TTC, having done one AI (IUI) two months ago. Time for the next attempt, under the care of a Geneva-based doctor (for one more cycle). She has recommended a stimulated cycle this time (for the first one I just had a Choriomon 36-hour-before-procedure self-injection) as my cycle is very regular, all hormone levels were "normal," and I had a good follicle on day 12, with procedure on Day 14. But, it didn't work. So this time she suggest I take Merional 75 (self-injection starting Day 3, for up to ten days) before a second IUI attempt. Am hoping someone out there may be able to help me clarify what Merional does and why, if my hormone levels are "normal," it might help? Thanks in advance.

racingsnake Mon 20-Oct-08 22:36:31

Sorry, no idea about drugs, but just wanted to say good luck. We had our wonderful little girl on our third attempt - it's worth keeping on with it.

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