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Could a high cervix cause problems concieving

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espares Sun 19-Oct-08 22:02:46

This will probably sound like a really stupid question but since having a cervical smear 2 days ago my mind has been working overtime on this.
I have been ttc for over a year with no luck however went for a smear test a couple of days ago and the nurse had great difficulty finding my cervix and I was there for ages.
She eventually managed to find what she thought was my cervix and said that it was extremely high and that it was small.
Now I am worried that this could be hampering my chances of concieiving due to the sperm not reaching the cervix.
Could I be right in this or is this stupid thinking feel free to tell me I am being daft but it is now causing me great concern.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 20-Oct-08 07:22:36

If you have been ttc for over a year without success then a referral to a gynae should be sought from your GP. Both of you need to be evaluated further to see what problems there are preventing conception.

What are your periods like; if they are irregular and or painful in nature then medical advice should be sought in any event.

Would not think that your cervical position is actually the root cause{s) of subfertility but you need to talk this over with a gynae at a hospital unit.

Do seek a referral asap.


liath Mon 20-Oct-08 07:36:53

Position/size of cervix shouldn't have any effect on conception but as Attila says if you've been TTC for a year it's worth seeing your GP for some tests to check you are ovulating etc.

2manychips Mon 20-Oct-08 08:18:37

hi, I too have been told I have a v high cervix-am always getting called back for smears as they cant get enough cells. But conceived my first dc at first attempt and just started trying for second.

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