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clear blue ovulation sticks, experiences please

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peacelily Sun 19-Oct-08 12:32:37

Are these reliable and accurate? Has anyone had any success with them.

Had mc a month ago, bought sticks, had a smiley face on Monday so followed instructions as it were (dh wasn't aware I was using sticks as he doesn't like the idea of them but is stupid x3 in 24 hours not happened since honeymoon!!!).

Haven't had a period since mc and have ttc despite adivce to the contrary.

Just wondered if these sticks are worth the cash or should I do what dh wants and just wait and see?

ilove Sun 19-Oct-08 12:39:23

You can buy cheaper versions that work just as well...unsure if I'm allowed to link to the "person" I know who has an online store selling them...

peacelily Sun 19-Oct-08 12:41:48

So the smiley face is accurate then? It does mean I'm def ovulating? will google for cheaper ones as clear blue ££££!

PuzzleRocks Sun 19-Oct-08 12:42:29

I got pregnant first time using these. I had to buy a second pack as I ovulated much later than expected but since we only had sex on the day I ovulated I would say they are spot on! smile

neolara Sun 19-Oct-08 12:48:55

I've found OPK very reliable. However, you need to be careful about using them after a miscarriage as they show up as positive if you have hcg still in your urine from your previous pregnancy. However, if you have done a pregnancy test and it has come up negative, you can be pretty sure that the OPK is picking up the LH surge.

Good luck with TTC.

peacelily Sun 19-Oct-08 12:58:45

thanks neolara, have done a couple of preg tests recently whoch came up neg.

Also got through all 7 sticks until i got a smiley so hopefully is lh surge smile

peacelily Sun 19-Oct-08 13:00:02

Puzzlerocks just out of interest ds or dd?

PuzzleRocks Sun 19-Oct-08 13:10:49

Peacelily - I wont know until 21wk scan in 7 wks time. I already have a daughter so not really bothered either way this time.

hope2be Mon 20-Oct-08 02:20:21

works well first thing in the morning. You can buy them cheap online (babyhopes)

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