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cross posting as worried - implantation bleed or something else?

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smeraldina Fri 17-Oct-08 09:51:00

*TMI alert*

Way too much information here....but I'm worried so please excuse...

Last night, we were bding - and noticed that I was bleeding - or that there was a small amount of discharge. Pale pink. I suppose, looking optimistically, this could be implantation bleeding. I thought/imagined I also had some sharp pains in my left side. I am on cycle day 26 of a 32-34 day cycle and have been going like the clappers to conceive after a miscarriage in August.

It could be my period I suppose but it's way too early and there's nothing this morning

On the other hand, I had a smear test about 10 days ago - I was late for it and had a slightly abnormal smear two smears ago (a normal since). So I"m really worried that there's something up with my cervix and this is a bad sign (have fretted about this on mn before)

DH just thinks we've bruised it a bit from so much bding...hmm but possible I suppose

Has anyone noticed an implantation bleed during the throws of passion? Or if it happened when it did, do you think it's more likely to be a bruised cervix?
Any thoughts - or support! - really gratefully received. Obviously, to know the answer you'd have to be psychic, but any similar experiences welcome...

Smeraldina x

MrsHappy Fri 17-Oct-08 09:58:35

Is it possible that you were ovulating?
Some women experience spotting at ovulation and my experience is that my cycles are longer (i.e. ovulation is delayed) in the first cycle after a loss. The one-sided pain also makes me think that is what it might have been.

smeraldina Fri 17-Oct-08 10:05:28

Hi Mrs Happy. Thanks for writing. It's possible I suppose....have never had spotting like this before. This is the second cycle after the miscarriage. First cycle took six weeks and I'm not sure if I ovulated or not. If it was ovulation, then perhaps leaping out of bed, getting upset, discussing all the things that might be wrong with me with dh, and stopping the whole ttc business last night not the best thing to do [hmmm]. Then again, we have been at it right up until last night, so hopefully something useful would be waiting up there in the womb ...

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