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Anyone else ttc after being on depo ?

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happyfaceschildcare Wed 15-Oct-08 17:13:06

I have been off it since May period came back in august just for a couple of days then in september it went of forever, I've never been one for regular periods anyway so working out ovulation dates would have been impossible but at the moment don't even know if I'm ovulating anyway, have read so many stories of people ttc after being on depo and it takes years so guess I am just at the begining of a long wait I wish they'd make it more clear how much it messes with ur body before they give it to you, I only had 3 shots of it so am hoping it may come out my body a little quicker than some but think I'm just getting my hopes up.

BONKinthenightERZ Wed 15-Oct-08 17:21:14

i had my last depo in may 2006 and periods became regular again in june 07 but i have only just started ovulating again the past 3 months.
i was on depo for 18 months befroe coming off it to try for DD. It took 8 months before periods came back and then we didnt get pregnant for 14 months.
agree the doctors need to start publicising the problems

happyfaceschildcare Wed 15-Oct-08 17:38:00

I know I am not the only one in this situation and I do read about the odd positive story and I keep hoping I'll be one of them but it's getting me down, I am trying to not obsess about it but I am getting closer and closer to 35 and it's scaring me.
How did you find out you were ovulating again ?

notsoteenagemum Wed 15-Oct-08 17:41:17

I was on depo for nearly three years after I had DD I came off it in June 03 my period started that August and I fell pg with DS in November that year. I do seem to get pg easily though.
FP clinic recommended for me to go on the pill first to regulate my cycle but I can't take the pill due to previous PE. Thought they'd recommend everyone to do that.

happyfaceschildcare Wed 15-Oct-08 17:50:53

See a happy story that's good thanks hopefully I'll be like you ;o)

notsoteenagemum Wed 15-Oct-08 18:00:23

Could you try ovulaton tests, don't know how they work or could you go on the pill for a couple of months to get a cycle started or do have to start on a period?
Good luck anyway.

happyfaceschildcare Wed 15-Oct-08 20:06:58

Well I am bleeding but I don't know if it's a proper period or just a bleed first one was for just a couple of days and the second one was more like a proper period but then it didn't seem to end kept on spotting for a good few weeks after.
Think I'll give it to the new year and then maybe try going on the pill for a few months see if that helps.
Thanks x

minxi Thu 16-Oct-08 08:00:26

Hi Happy - I would go to the doctor and ask for blood tests to check you are ovulating.
My last depo jab was nov 2004 - periods back to normal finally..sep 2006 and I fell pg June 2008 shock.... finally tried accupunture which I did from March to June and hey presto...I am 36 now!! Good luck! smile

eleanorsmum Thu 16-Oct-08 08:12:14

hi happy
this is me too. I went on depo after dd was born and had three shots then decided to try again for no.2 dd is now 4,5 and still no sibling. i did get pregnant this feb but had mc in march which was so cruel after 3 years of trying. and now i can't get preg again. don't seem to be ovulating. off to dcs again next week to ask for clomid.

the more i research into this the more i feel really strongly that something should be done. my gp at the time didn't say anything about it taking a year to get out of your system. when i found this out i was so cross, but what can you do its there word against yours and it my body that doens't work anymore! i've spoken to fp nurses and they all say no-one should be on depo until they have had all their family. it causes so many problems which are just not mentioned by doctors when you ask abotu it.

In fact i'm so cross about all this at the mo i might even go to the media, if we can stop one other woman going through this that'd be a good thing right?

email me your story and i'll see about contacting the media! ooh on a mission now!
keri dot bradley at tiscali dot co dot uk

happyfaceschildcare Thu 16-Oct-08 13:01:49

So sorry to hear about you mc good luck at the docs hope some luck comes your way soon, I have emailed you the full story from my side just a case of waiting and waiting and waiting like you just makes me so angry that they give this injection to people without giving them the facts angry

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