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Please help - could I be pregnant after MC 4 weeks ago?

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GordonTheGhoul Tue 14-Oct-08 16:41:21

Had v early MC 4 weeks ago at just over 5 weeks pg. Bled for a week then felt fine i.e. no symptoms.

Had blood test last Friday which has come back with a HCG of 168 which is fairly high.

I had sex 2 weeks after MC.

My temperature has been up for the last week or so - I've not been temping regularly but I know it's post-ovulation temp. So I think I've ovulated.

Doc said I can't have another blood test for 10 days!

Is it possible that I'm pg? Would there be any point in taking a pg test - it's bound to be positive with HCG levels like that?

Am now off to google!

mummy2olivia Tue 14-Oct-08 16:55:43

You won't know without a scan. HCG levels and blood tests won't tell you much only whether there is something there or not- but then even when you miscarry 'bits' can be left behind that still produce HCG. Did you have a scan after MC to say your womb was clear?

I think you should try to get an appt with your local EPU.

GordonTheGhoul Tue 14-Oct-08 17:23:21

No didn't have a scan - I think it was a chemical pregnancy and I guess they thought there was no need.

I think I'll take a test and see how dark the line is tomorrow.

mummy2olivia Tue 14-Oct-08 17:33:21

That won't tell you much either! It is a shitty situation. It took me 7 weeks to get a negative test after my MC and I was only 9 weeks. Only time will tell but if you really need to know (I would!) only a scan will really do it!

snooks Tue 14-Oct-08 17:52:42

this happened to me - dd3 is now almost 6 months old.

I mc at 9 weeks last year, bled for a week, had sex about a couple of weeks after, got a negative on a pg test for another couple of weeks, then finally a positive.

2 early scans both determined that i conceived 6 days after the mc.

i wish you lots of luck, and so sorry about your mc x

MABS Tue 14-Oct-08 18:01:08

i was pg 20 days after an early m/c

wehaveallbeenthere Tue 14-Oct-08 18:19:56

Either way, wait. You need to rest. If you are pg then you can get a scan later...stressing won't help. If you aren't then you can find out later. Rest now though. You need to heal and get your strength back.

GordonTheGhoul Tue 14-Oct-08 19:02:50

Thanks. MABS how did you find out?

Febes Tue 14-Oct-08 19:09:26

I was pregnant straight after a miscariage at 5 and a half weeks and DD is now nearly 11 months.

twentynine Tue 14-Oct-08 19:21:42

same as febes here - I got a bfn two weeks after miscarrying though. But DS stuck around and is 3 mths old.

rainbowdays Tue 14-Oct-08 19:27:09

GTG - It happened to me, and yes you could be pregnant again. You should ask for another blood test sooner, if the hcg is rising then you are pregnant again, it is very unlikely to be residual hcg from the previous pregnancy as it was so early.

They will not be able to see anything on a scan until levels get to around 1000, or you are about 6 weeks pg. Which actually since you had levels of 168 last friday, you could well be up at that level in the next few days if you are pregnant.

Do you know why Doc said you can't have another blood test for 10 days. The normal procedure is to recheck hcg levels after 48hours to look for doubling of numbers.

The alternative is to take a normal urine test later this week, hcg levels come down at approximately the same rate at which they go up, ie halving in 48 to 72 hours. Therefore in order to get a negative test (eg less than 25) you could test again this Friday (not with a super-sensitive test though!), and if it is negative you could assume the blood test was showing residual hcg from last miscarriage. But to be honest I would doubt that this is the case, it is much more likely that you are pregnant again!

I got pregnant straight after miscarriage, and it was the blood tests that showed it was a new pregnancy that was progressing.

GordonTheGhoul Tue 14-Oct-08 19:44:05

Wow thanks rainbow days. I'm going to phone the doc tomorrow - it was only the receptionist I spoke to today which was a bit annoying. I'm on the books of the fertility clinic at the hospital so I might give them a ring to see if they can do a test sooner.

Thanks for your advice.

mummy2olivia Tue 14-Oct-08 19:59:52

Meant to say earlier as well- good luck!!! Really hope it turns out to be a new pregnancy. Will be watching this thread eagerly!

anonymxxx Tue 14-Oct-08 22:21:47

Hi and very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. As many have replied you might well be pg. But - I had positive test 3 months after mc and it turns our it was incomplete. Hope that's not the case, but unfortunately it's a possibility. If the HCG raises it's most likely a new pregnancy. Sorry - the wait it agonizing....

TinkerBellesMum Tue 14-Oct-08 22:46:51

This soon it's most likely to still be your lost pregnancy showing up. As has already been said tests won't help because if your body still thinks it's pregnant you will have false positives. I would leave it a week or two, normally takes six weeks to go back to normal after a mc, then speak to your GP if you haven't had a period and ask if you can get a scan either in the EPAU or with the gynaecology department.

GordonTheGhoul Wed 15-Oct-08 06:21:57

Hi all. I feel like I've wasted your time somewhat as af arrived with a vengeance this morning. Still slightly confused re HCG levels but maybe it was another chemical pregnancy.

Anyhow it's probably best to get my cycles back to normal before we start trying again.


mummy2olivia Wed 15-Oct-08 08:15:31

Very sorry gordon sad

Unfortunately HCG levels do take a while to come down after a MC, no matter how early it was. It took ages for my first period to turn up and I even had a scan to check if I was pregnant as I was still having strong positive tests. My HCG levels were never taken- my first AF turned up while I was still having positive tests.

Mother Nature is just cruel I'm afraid sad

The good news is that you are mega fertile for the next few months so shg like you never have before- good luck grin

mummy2olivia Wed 15-Oct-08 08:16:56

thats SHAG, not shg. I've not found shging to work either blush

MABS Wed 15-Oct-08 11:10:46

i found out coz my boobs go massive within 2/3 days of conception, as they always do.

rainbowdays Wed 15-Oct-08 22:08:40

GTG - sorry to hear that you got af.

I can understand your wanting to take a break, but just as a suggestion, it might still be an idea to do a pg test now to check that it is showing negative. It just helps to clarify things with ensuring that the miscarriage / chemical pregnancy is completely finished, it is hard to do a test to look for a negative, but it might also help with coming to terms with your loss.

I hope that things work out soon for you.

AnnasBananas Thu 16-Oct-08 14:22:05

Gordon - has your chart become tri-phasic??

If you are pregnant your chart will rise again and stay raised (above your usual post-ovulation temperatures) from 7-10 days past ovulation once the egg has implanted.

Fingers crossed for you!!

AnnasBananas Thu 16-Oct-08 14:25:11

Sorry...just read your post that AF has arrived. Bummer. Keep temping though, it's such an incredibly useful tool.

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