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TTC number two but still BF how much of a problem is this going to be?

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LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:03:26

I stopped taking the mini pill over two months ago and no luck as yet. I'm still Bf 11 month ds at least 5 times a day. I don't want to stop because he's lactos intolerant.
And soya formula will just be a PITA i just don't want to go there.

I still don't have my periods back so can't judge my cycle.

So what the best way to go about this...............................................................

hertsnessex Tue 14-Oct-08 12:04:52

time and patience really.

you get get ovulating testing kits to see when you ov, bu apart from that just keep trying for now.

good luck!


LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:10:59

Thankyou i hadn't even thought of an ovulating kit!

So it is possible to fall pregnant whilst still feeding so frequently?

I know you can fall pregnant whilst feeding as lots of mum tandem feed but didn't know how it worked. Did some mums stop feeding to regain periods and then start again when pregnant?

I'm trying not to get worked up over it as it hasn't been that long it's just i'm so broody, which is daft as i already have one gorgeous baby!

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:16:56

Any other mums out there today who fell pregnant whilst still bf....

evie2000 Tue 14-Oct-08 12:19:26

hi littlemissbliss. I don't have the answers I'm afraid but i'm also still feeding a 7 month old - not as regularly as you but it does seem from what I hear that you can still get pregnant whilst feeding without having periods. THink advice of ovulation kits a good idea - have you thought of persona - am thinking of getting one myself but haven't read small print to know if you can use if perios aren't regular.
good on 4th month of ttc and like you shouldn't get worked up as have one gorgeous ds.

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:29:06

evie-whats persona?

I hope it happens for you soon! I know that if you are fully just bf for the first 6 months before introduction of solids its as an effective contraceptive.

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:29:07

evie-whats persona?

I hope it happens for you soon! I know that if you are fully just bf for the first 6 months before introduction of solids its as an effective contraceptive.

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:34:32

Its ok i've googled it!

Chaotica Tue 14-Oct-08 12:35:03

I got pregnant while bf and taking the mini pill... Twas an accident but he is lovely smile

Good luck!

Febes Tue 14-Oct-08 12:36:26

I am 11 weeks PG and still breast feeding basic fell first time we tried. I did have my periods back for 2 cycles though. Good luck.

Febes Tue 14-Oct-08 12:37:57

Opps basically not basic. I just read the OP LittleMissBliss you were from Nov 07 weren't you Hi!!! I had Anabel.

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:39:38

Oh wow Chaotica! That gives me hope! You must be super fertile, or your dp must have super swimmers!grin

Ds was a happy accident (pill) Now i'm actively trying and it just isn't happening!
We were going to try after christmas but we decided to start earlier because of the chances that it may take a while.

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:42:40

Hello Febes!

Were you on a contraceptive, then came off regained periods then started tryin?

Or did you use bf as contraceptive and naturally regained periods?

Yes Nov 07 can't believe that ds is nearly one! where has the time gone? How is your pregnancy going? and Congratulations!

Febes Tue 14-Oct-08 12:51:18

I didn't use any mini pills just relied on BF and natural family planning hmm but I knew I wanted 2 close together so didn't worry too much but we started trying properly in july and august I was up the duff. This PG is going really well and bar a bit of MS I feel great and have my 1st scan next week.
I was down to 3 feeds a day at that stage and was going 12 hours at night. When I feel pregnant she started teething and was having 3 feeds a night again so we got in just on time.
Have you got your periods? Are you Ovulating? You could be ov wthout having periods so check for mucus. You could cut down on feeds and up his calcium through his diet. I was back at work so I didn't want to express so much so dropped a feed and upped her dairy intake through yogs and custard and cheese etc.

liahgen Tue 14-Oct-08 12:55:02

hi Littelmissbliss.

I have just cut my 17 mth dd down to one feed per day in a last ditch attempt to get periods back.

After 2 mths, I got 1st period since she was born so am hoping it will mean everything is fine now.

Bought some cheap ov sticks from ebay. Am on day11 and no plus yet, but we'll see.

I was giving it one more month, then plan was to stop feeding although was very sad about it. I am 42 so time is not on our side.

Good luck. x

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 12:59:04

The problem is with the lack calcium in his diet. I'm feeding him so much because of his lactos intolerance (which i also had untill i was 7). He has lacto free milk on his cereal in the moring and little in his beaker every now and then. But he prefers water as a drink. We have cut out night feeds but he still asks for feeds in the day.

I'm not sure if i'm ovulating (will buy a kit) and no periods.

Oh how exciting your first scan! I'm glad its going well for you and your still bf, pregnant and working!

LittleMissBliss Tue 14-Oct-08 13:10:20

Fingers crossed for you Liahgen. 17 months is a great achievement. Allot of people don't get past 6 weeks. But i can understand how you may be finding it hard contimplating giving up bfing. I have the same feeling towards it also. My goal was to get to 12 months and slowly cut down and stop bf gradually as ds would be able to have cows milk and i wanted to fall pregnnant again. Now that i have found out he is lactos intolerant i would rather carry on bf as long as possible.

I am lucky as i do have time on my side (so feel silly to complain) but the plan was to start my teacher traing when dc2 became 12 months. But i can't complain because i do have one dc and have to let things take there course.

I really hope that things go well for

liahgen Tue 14-Oct-08 13:24:23

well I have 5 and sometimes think i am being greedy and pushing my luck when there are so many wonderful parents in the world if they could only have one child.

Can't help the way you feel though can you? This is my job, I am a wife and mother, (of course i am a Doula too, but this is my life ambition, if that makes sense.)

I hope you all get some bfp's very soon.

emmatrev Tue 14-Oct-08 15:06:26

even if your periods are back breastfeeding can effect your changes of conception. My GP strongly urged me to give up in order to conceive and the month after I stopped we conceived (miscarried unfortunately but did conceive..). My advice from this is that it depends how old you are - if there's plenty of time then you can wait but if age is an issue then stopping breastfeeding may well help conceive

hertsnessex Wed 15-Oct-08 19:13:09

Jst chkd back on this thread. My boys are 11mths apart and i was BF when i fell preg witht ds2!


anonymxxx Wed 15-Oct-08 22:07:31

Hi everybody. Here the same. Have fab 11 month old but would like to have another soon. I am BF less (I offer 5 times a day, but he loves food and only accepts three times a day).DS not sleeping through so, so the feeds are pretty equally spaced around the clock (or at least the offers...). I think you can ovulate once before AF, I don't think you can ovulate for months without AF if this makes sense. I don;t have any signs of AF, plus beautiful skin, do I do not think I am back to normal hormonally. Kellymon (do you know that excellent BF webpage) said it taked on average 14 months for "ecologically" (that means also uses BF to help DC fall asleep etc, look for their definition) BF mums. Maybe we should open our TTC while BF thread? I have to admit I feel a little guilty being so broody already. I am an older mum, but still have a little time. However, I had MC with complications before DS, so it might take quite a bit longer than a few month TTC. Good luck!

LittleMissBliss Mon 27-Oct-08 10:33:25

I think i got my period back Today!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it started off with light brown discharge on saturday its still dark red/brown so hopefully a real period will soon emerge! can't believe i'm excited. I used to dred them.

My stomach is really swollen and my vagina is swollen too sort of aching(TMI)blush
so if not period maybe pregnant?

Think i'll wait to see how things develop don't want to waste even more money on a test.

Glimmer Mon 27-Oct-08 19:55:35

Hi LittleMissBliss, very exciting, either way :-) I got my period as well! Had symptoms for two weeks, and then there it was... Now we have to decide if we want to TTc right away or wait a little....What happenend to you - by now you should know :-)

Glimmer Mon 27-Oct-08 19:56:35

Sorry got the date wrong - you certainly don't know yet if you are pg or not. Hope it will all work out for you!

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