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St John's Wort - DH takes it

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Ozziegirly Tue 14-Oct-08 06:57:10

So, Dh and I are hoping to start a family over the next year. He takes St John's Wort and has found it incredibly effective.

I have read that it can affect the contraceptive pill, but has anyone heard any contraindications for the man taking it whilst TTC?

I have read it may slow down the sperm but haven't been able to find this confirmed on any reputable websites, so any help would be appreciated.

misi Tue 14-Oct-08 21:54:47

not heard of any major problems with conception but then again, in my drug interactions book, there is no mention of it affecting contraceptive pills either.

I have just done a quick bit of research and although NO studies been conducted to test the theories, it is speculated that st johns may interfere with some pills and therefore cause unwanted pregnancies. when st johns has been added direct into semen, it has slowed down sperm mobility but then if I added water to a container with semen in it, the water would slow the sperm down too!! (and as st johns taken by your DH will have gone through his digestive system, this test of adding st johns direct is worthless as everything that goes through the digestive process is altered chemically). if you are worried then it may be wise to go see a herbalist for further advice on the half life of st johns (27hrs), when you are most fertile and the possibilities available. for your nearest herbalist, you can always phone and ask what their experience is so you get the best one suited to you.

Ozziegirly Wed 15-Oct-08 00:34:22

Wow, that's great, thank you very much indeed.
I've also been doing some research and it seems that 44 million prescriptions were filled in 1994 in Germany, and I hope that if there were problems then they would have been reported by now.

I'll speak to the Dr next time I go in though, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again.

misi Wed 15-Oct-08 01:31:15

the german ''commission E'' has done extensive research on this and many other natural remedies and they are used as part of their mainstream medicine. st johns wort is BIG in germany and well tested.
you will get nothing from your GP though I am afraid. as they are not trained or insured to use or comment on herbals they will almost always say no to their use.

have a try to access this link hopefully it will work, it is an english translation site

ilovemcdreamy Fri 17-Oct-08 23:14:54

Hi Ozziegorly

Zita West says that certain herbal remedies should be avoided by men when TTC as they can have an adverse effect on sperm - they are St John's Wort, Echinacea, Saw Palmetto and Liquorice. The bottom line is that some men will be able to take St John's Wort and suffer no ill effects and some will suffer adverse effects on their sperm as a result. Same as some serious cyclists will have their sperm adversely affected and others will be super breeders. A semen analysis is relatively straightforward to arrange I suppose and if you have any doubts I would get that done - then you know what you are dealing with. If your DH's sperm motility is affected there are various things he can do to put it right and the effects of the St John's Wort should be reversible.

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